Monday, November 28, 2016


 Miles asleep in his crib
 Look how precious.
 Ella loves Miles.
He was asleep so she got to hold him for a bit. I asked her how long she wanted to hold him for and she said "forever."  She surprisingly held him for a full 25 minutes!

Ella was even was all over us when we were in the other room. She just wants Miles all the time.

 Poly joined us.

Miles had his first doctor appointment.
 He slept so much through the appointment. I was amazed.

 Miles actually likes the swing!

Angie and Jaden stopped by for a few minutes. Angie got to meet Miles and Ella got to play with Jaden a little.

Ella Chased Jaden around. They had so much fun circling through.  Then Ella would catch him and they'd do it again.

Ella is a helper. She stands on a step stool during diaper changes. (Well it was a plastic bin at first then it tipped so I got an actual step stool in there.)
Miles is in his crib and Ella still wants to be close to him.
Here's what I look like. Poly was ruining my picture.

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