Thursday, November 10, 2016


My sleep was crap due to contractions.  I was able to go back to sleep multiple times and woke up at 8 for good.
I used my laptop a bit and made some albums and talked on gchat. I french braided my hair.
Ella didn't wake up until near 9:30. I enjoyed a few minutes of peace after my awful night's sleep.
Ella woke up telling Dave "Daddy go away"  but after a little bit she warmed up and was all loving with him.

Ella cuddled with me in bed. She started telling me the baby will eat my boobs and then said a few more sentences I couldn't really understand. It was something about crying and then said then you can give the baby a pacifier too. She's explaining it all to me from her expertise.
Instead of eating breakfast in the kitchen Ella and I went and got cereal bars and then we ate those in bed. Ella kept stealing mine and feeding it to Dave. He'd ask if he could share with Mommy and she said no.

Ella was dancing to an intro song then it was over and she was requesting more music.   She danced to Living on a Prayer while Dave sang.  But then he wouldn't turn on more music. So I did. Then she kept begging him to dance. "Dance daddy. I turned on music for you." He was busy watching some video though.

We took Ella to the park. I kept wanting to get her some park time in thinking any second/minute/day there will be a 2nd baby and she won't get to go.

Ella likes to listen to  heart beats

She uses the rest of her doctor kit.

Before bed she gets her nails cut.

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