Monday, January 9, 2017


Look how cute Ella is rolling on the ground. You cant' tell here but she has a snack container of goldfish beside her.
Find a hat so why not wear it.
A new tub!
Monday run had more people than usually and more in double strollers because of the holiday.

Ella loved that Gio could go. Usually he's in preschool.

Ella did not want to nap!

Ella wanted to put together Dave's lego thing... but then it didn't go so well. She helped sort then couldn't really help so she just kept messing up the sorted piles.

 Completed lego Darth Vader.

 Dinner turned into a mess...

 I only realized as I was typing this post that they made a Darth Vader and then Ella wore her Darth Vader PJs.

 Ella didn't want to go to sleep.
She then was in our bed.
She eventually slept on the floor.

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