Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Ella woke up at 2 am crying. I got her back to sleep but she cried each time I put her back down. Then I brought her to bed with us and she was right to sleep.  She woke up when I got out of bed at 7:30 but then I climbed back in bed and she hugged me and went back to sleep.
We missed our run since my back hurt and Ella slept in. If I didn't have to run home after I would have been more likely to go.  Dave had a doctor appointment so I wouldn't have the car.
We hung out in bed a bit while I iced my back.

Then we cleaned up in the kitchen a little.  I left the room to go complain about all the dishes I have to clean up after Dave cooks but I also have to clean up the dishes after I cook. I heard noises. I go back in the kitchen to find Ella standing on a step stool at the kitchen sink. The stool was across the room when I left. I ask her what she's doing. She says "making soup mom."  She was using a wooden spoon to stir dirty dishes she had put in the crock pot. I had just filled the crock pot with water to soak before I left the room.   I decided to heat up some soup and she helped stir or rinse. Then she helped clean her high chair tray.  Then we had soup and she loved it. She ate a ton.

We played a little. She got a bath. Then we tried to nap. She did not nap. She even got me good in the nose. She dive bombed on me a few times.  Lying in the big bed usually results in a nap when her room does not.  But today it did not.  She did poop once  and then maybe a half hour later she said more poops and she pooped again.  I knew we were done trying to nap at this point.

I offered Ella cupcake. She helped wash her tray. She was so happy.  Then I cut the cupcake in half so we each got some. That was not appreciated and she whined a lot. Finally she ate most of it. She wanted more and was flipping out so I gave her zebra cake. She was also whining and flipping out because I was not eating the other one.  Then she asked for chips. The bag was on the table. I gave her a few.  Then I finished looking at the Curious George scene. I look back and Ella is sleeping!


Her head bobbed down. I tried to hold it from falling and she yelled no and woke up. But then went back to sleep. I managed to wipe all the chocolate off her face and hands and get her moved to her bed.

Then I showered! This shouldn't be such a milestone but it's been days that I've been saying I needed a shower and I didn't get one!

That's all I wrote for the day.

Apparently she had her iPad at 1 AM. If only I remembered why.

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