Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Miles 4 Month Update

Photos in short sleeves were taken on January 10 (his 4 month birthday) but near the end they didn't go well so then I took more pictures on the 11th and those are the ones of him in long sleeves.
  • Weight: 16 lb 13.5 oz - 78th percentile 
  • Height: 27.25" - 98.6th percentile
  • Head Circumference: 43.5 cm - 94th percentile
  • Weight/Length Percentile: 16%
  • Diapers: Size 3
  • Clothing: Mostly 9 month clothing. Some 6 month ones fit. He also wears 12 month onesies sometimes. 
  • Shoe Size: N/A
  • Teeth: 2
(stats using WHO, CDC has weight higher and other 2 lower. I never remember which ones I use each month.)
Most of this month his sleep has been awful.  His naps are almost always just a half hour! But every other day or so he has a longer nap.

Often he's awake for a 1.5 hour stretch in the middle of the night. For the past week or so he's been waking up numerous times after he's asleep before I even go to sleep. But then he'll immediately fall back to sleep once I start nursing.  This is all even with him taking Benadryl.
He eats for between 2 and 4 hours a day but most closer to 3.

Sometimes he nurses often if he had a short nap. Oftentimes he will wake up and not need to eat right away and that's so nice.  It's nice when he's out that he doesn't freak out to nurse often.

Miles has issues nursing in public. He gets too distracted.  There are plenty of times at home he will refuse to nurse until I relocate to his room.  He doesn't even like to nurse in the living room. It's difficult with Ella. I can't believe how tricky he is like that. Also sometimes he won't even nurse if he's not swaddled.

Sample Schedule:
Around 7:30, he likes to start nursing to go to sleep. Lately he wakes up at least 2 times in the middle of the night and 0-3 times before I even go to sleep. I'm sick of this sleep! When he wakes up around 5, he tends to stay up 1.5-2 hours. Throughout the day he's awake 2-3 hours between naps except the very first one of the day it's usually 1.5 hours.

Lately he has had 3 naps a day. A few different days they were all 30-35 minutes long. Sometimes 1 is longer. I hope for a longer nap.  Depending what else is going on, he might sleep more or less. When he had a doctor appointment he was awake for awhile so then he napped 2 full hours after we got home.
Special Moments:
On December 10, Miles shot pee when I opened his diaper to change the poop!
On December 11, I nursed him while he was in the Ergo.
On December 12, I turned around to Ella putting makeup on Miles.
On December 17, he was slightly propped up and then rolled over back to front. This is the first time he even close to did this.
On December 18, I read Miles a book. He liked it. I think it was the first time I read him a book.
On December 25, he started in size 3 diapers.
On December 30, Miles used his standing toy for the first time and loved it.
On January 1, it was his worst night ever for going to sleep. We started near 7 and near 11 he was finally asleep for good.
On January 10, I think he laughed (first time)

Miles has started liking to stand with support a lot. He likes to look around or dance and just be in the standing position. In the last week, he started to be a lot better in the car and maybe only cried the entire car ride 25% of the time.  He stays seated against the couch for awhile now. He sat once for a few seconds unassisted. He wiggles out of his swing and bouncer if he's not buckled in. He talks a lot.  If he starts talking a lot and won't shut up you know he's tired. If he's talking and excited about it then he's very happy.  He smiles a lot. He grabs toys hanging from his play mats. He will hold a toy you give him and sometimes keep holding it while you move him around.

Other Tidbits:
He likes to go for runs in the stroller.
He likes to watch TV.
He likes Ella!
He likes to get swaddled.
He likes to be swaddled while sleeping.
He likes Dave to give him his nighttime swaddle and if he's not home then he's miserable until this takes place. But then he cries while Dave is swaddling him.
He likes to just look at himself in the mirror on his play mat for awhile.

He hates to nurse when not swaddled.
He doesn't like nursing around other people.

Fun Facts
Longest time sleeping: 10 hours 22 minutes  (622 minutes)
Days with a sleep greater than 5 hours: 26
Days with a sleep greater than 6 hours: 20
(According to the internet sleeping through the night is considered sleeping 5-6 straight hours.)
Days with sleep greater than 8 hours: 11 (14 last month)
Diapers used (from January 1-10): 9.6 per day 
Time spent nursing (from January 1-10): 181 minutes (3:01) per day  
Time spent sleeping (from January 1-10): 14.3 hours per day
Doctor Visits: 1 (eczema his 4 mo dr visit was a day after he turned 4 months)
Illnesses: 1 (eczema  if you can call it an illness)    
Favorite Toys
Piano Play Mat
Standing Table (plays music)

Favorite Songs
none yet

Favorite Books
none yet

Other Tidbits
I should probably make an entire post about his poor eczema. That's what the dry skin was I mentioned in his 3 month post. It got worse and worse and then I contacted the doctor. She sent us to a specialist but since it was over Christmas, we had to wait a week for an appointment.  He rubbed himself raw in the car and his arms were oozing.  It was gross.  
A few times or maybe even more than a few times in the night he will wake up and cry a little but go back to sleep himself! 
I have put him in the bumbo a few times while using the computer. He likes to be upright. 

My recovery
I gained 4 lbs this month.  (That's the wrong direction!) I'm allowed to run but my knee is still giving me trouble and some days it's even worse than it was before. I'm up to running 1 mile now and it's tough. I'm so exhausted it's so hard to function. But then at night once Ella is finally asleep, I can't fall asleep right away. I need a little alone time.


  1. I just love his smile. He's getting a lot more expressive. I hope his eczema is better!

    1. It's a lot better but still doing 3 prescriptions ointments 2x day

  2. Miles changed a lot in the past month. He's so cute! Your kids make me smile. What sweethearts they are!