Friday, March 24, 2017


Ella and Miles are always hanging out in bed when I go to wake Ella up. Having Miles there helps Ella actually wake up.

A friend was going to Safari Run so we decided to go too. We got there and they were at capacity so we had to wait over 20 minutes to get in. A few other friends just happened to be there too.  Dave was there so we could go. I can't climb with Ella when I have Miles and am there by myself.  

Miles slept a good portion of the trip. Then when he woke up, I went and fed him while Ella played more on the ground with Dave.

It was pretty high up there!

As you can tell, Ella loved it.  It was worth the $10. We don't do stuff like that often so we just paid for that day. I know sometimes you can get a groupon for so many visits or you can get deals by buying passes.
When we were leaving some kids were playing in the grass so Ella wanted to run with them too.
We went to Tia Juana for lunch. Ella didn't want her food. The kids weren't that good. Restaurants are tough business.

Ella wanted candy they have but then she coked on it. That wasn't fun at all.  It was in her throat but she could still breath. She talked about it hurting but slowly feeling better. (I'm writing this 2 months later. I can't remember exactly what happened.) She wanted mommy hugs after which is why Dave is holding Miles in the pic below.

Some pics of Miles's body.

We had the appointment with the specialist.  We learned it's Eczema and got 4 prescriptions.
Miles needs daily baths then hydrocortisone ointment on face. Then needs a different ointment on rest of his body. Then after that a moisturizing cream. The soap in bath and the cream are special cream. Also mix some steroid cream with the other ointments. Benedryl at least at night and even during the day. Detergent has to be free & clear ones and no dryer sheets and no fabric softener. Use a humidifier too!

I had issues filling the prescriptions. They said he wasn't covered on the insurance. It was a big mess and later we figured out Google made a mistake and didn't copy him over right.  

I actually didn't get the prescriptions but then the next day I paid for the prescriptions out of pocket then later we could figure out the insurance and pay less.
Ella likes to play peek-a-boo with Miles.

Apparently Miles only wears socks... 2 pairs but no clothes!

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