Thursday, March 16, 2017

Miles 6 Month Update

Photos in stripes were taken on March 10 (his 6 month birthday) and the white onesie ones were taken on the 11th. Photo outside was taken March 9.

  • Weight: 18 lb 15.9 oz - 78th percentile 
  • Height: 28" - 95th percentile
  • Head Circumference: 44.5 cm - 84th percentile
  • Weight/Length Percentile: 47%
  • Diapers: Size 3
  • Clothing: Mostly 9 month clothing. Some 6 month ones fit. He also wears 12 month onesies sometimes. His 6 month photos were taken in a Gerber 18 month white onesie.
  • Shoe Size: N/A
  • Teeth: 2  (I feel like his top teeth are super close to coming in.)
(stats using WHO, CDC has weight higher and other 2 lower. I never remember which ones I use each month.)
I didn't take his stats myself. I forgot. But he did go to the doctors and get them taken on his 6 month birthday. I know in the past the doctors office took measurements that were too low but oh well.  His height and head circumference are slightly less than last time I took them but I used the doctor measurements anyway.  I measured him a few days later and got 28.5".

Sleeping has been a little bit better but now he has Benadryl a lot during the day.

He takes 3 naps a day most days.

He wakes up (far too early) and is awake 1.5-2 hours. Then he's awake 2-4 hours between the other naps and sleeps.

Sometimes he just cries and cries when I try to nurse and it's because he wanted to nurse on the other side. It's so weird. As soon as I switch, he's fine.

He's continued with purees. He's had carrots, sweet potatoes, green beans, bananas, apples, peas, and maybe more.  He also had banana puffs and toast this month.

He is still awful at nursing if he's not in his room in quiet darkness. It makes things very difficult.

Sample Schedule:
Around 7:30 PM,  he likes to start nursing to go to sleep. Lately he wakes up at least 1 time in the middle of the night. If he doesn't wake up 1 time, he's awake at 4:30 for the entire day! Throughout the day he's awake 2-4 hours between naps except the very first one of the day it's usually 1.5 hours. Also if he has a late nap he still wants to go to bed near 7:30.  Somehow he still seems to manage 3 naps a day. Sometimes he wakes up from nap and I can tell he's still tired and wants to sleep but for some reason woke up. I nurse him then and he goes back to sleep.  Mostly I try not to nurse right when he wakes up. Ella always wanted to nurse right when she woke up so it was difficult when we were out and about and she woke up from nap.  We have had a lot of longer naps this week if I let him sleep on me. There are plenty of days where he has 1-2 naps less than 15 minutes long yet he still has only 3 naps for the entire day.

Special Moments:
On February 12, he rolled over front to back a lot. He had lots of hives. I asked for a kiss and got slobbers all over my cheek. I told him we were done eating and I swear he said more and then had a death grip on the tray.  He was trying to crawl but more like shimmies.
On February 17, he discovered pulling socks off his feet.  Ella fed Miles a swedish fish. She said it was just a small piece. I had to fish it out of his mouth!
On February 18, he had a lot of coughing in his crib. Throughout the night and morning. He'd settle himself and be good.   He had his first short nap while on a run.
On February 19, he ate banana in the mesh thing to be able to feed himself.
On February 21, I noted he had been saying hi for the past couple days. It sounds more like hey.
On February 22, Dave turns over in bed (Miles and I were awake hanging out) and Miles says hi to him. Then Dave says hi back in his sleepy state.   I put laundry in and come back and he says hi to me.
On February 23, he woke up saying "dada" over and over in his crib.  On 4 occasions, he yelled "Ella" when Ella was being bad.  He said "mama" to yell at me.  This was the 2nd night I swaddled him before bed and not Dave.
On February 25, Ella woke up and said "hi Miles" and he said "hi Ella."
On February 26, at 5 AM I went in and soothed him and got him back into the crib without nursing! We attempted his first restaurant high chair but he kept sliding down so that did not work.
On February 27, he woke up with pink eye.
On February 28, Miles had his first forward facing run (in the double with Ella).  At night I heard Miles crying through the wall. I check the app but it wasn't working. But it works as I load it and Ella is in his crib with him! She was supposed to be in her room.
On March 1, I gave him a cucumber spear but he was a little confused.  I sang him to sleep!
On March 3, his pink eye was gone. He was still coughing though.
On March 4, Dave saw the magic of the ABCs. He would stop crying when he heard ABCs but other songs didn't do the magic.
On March 6, Miles had puffs for the first time.
On March 8, Dave was saying bye to Miles and he put his arms out for a hug. (So he got a hug.)  I put Miles in the swing quickly while I grabbed a paper towel and he flipped out and landed on his head. (Can't use swing anymore unless he is buckled in.)
On March 9, he had toast for the first time.

He can sit up! He can be held wrapping his legs around my side now! He seems to talk a lot. I can understand a few things.    He kisses and hugs a lot. He started grabbing his feet this month.  (He barely rolls over front to back anymore. He used to a lot. He doesn't roll over back to front. I think he has twice but nothing recently. For awhile when on his belly, he'd lift his butt up in the air, but now he doesn't do that. I feel like once he got super itchy and he started wearing the scratching sleeves, he doesn't do so much stuff. )

Other Tidbits:
He likes to be the weights in bench pressing and overhead extensions (while lying down).
He likes to be kissed.
He likes to eat!
He likes to talk or coo all the time.
He likes to go for runs in the stroller.
He likes to watch Cohh on TV (Twitch TV).
He likes to watch TV.
He likes when Dave gets home from work in the evening.
He likes Ella!
He likes to get swaddled. He gets so excited because he knows he gets to eat next. And at night he knows he gets Benadryl.
He likes to help give himself Benadryl and even suck the medicine out of the dropper.
He likes to be swaddled while sleeping.
He likes to just look at himself in the mirror on his play mat for awhile.

He doesn't like being itchy!
He doesn't like when we put the scratching sleeves on him.
He hates to nurse when not swaddled.
He doesn't like nursing around other people.
He doesn't like to nurse anywhere besides his room!
He especially doesn't like to nurse if I'm talking.
He doesn't like to be forward facing in strollers yet. He likes to be able to see me.

Fun Facts
Longest time sleeping: 9 hours 51 minutes  (591 minutes)
Days with a sleep greater than 5 hours: 21
Days with a sleep greater than 6 hours: 13
(According to the internet sleeping through the night is considered sleeping 5-6 straight hours.)
Days with sleep greater than 8 hours: 4 (8 last month and 11 the month before)
Diapers used (from March 1-11): 9.1 per day 
Time spent nursing (from March 1-11): 219 minutes (3:39) per day  
Time spent sleeping (from March 1-11): 13.5 hours per day
Doctor Visits: 2 (6 month well check and pink eye appointment)
Illnesses: 1 (pinkeye with runny nose and cough) 

Favorite Toys
Piano Play Mat
Giraffe teether
Key Teether
banana teether
Teethers in general

Favorite Songs
ABCs -- This song is his favorite by far!
Whatever Ella sings to him

Favorite Books
none yet (He's liked books but doesn't seem to have a favorite)

Other Tidbits
His eczema is mostly cleared up but then he has times where he gets some patches again. Lately his head has been really itchy. He sure learned how to take socks off his hands.  I learned at the doctors that our dosage for Benadryl was low since he weighs so much. 

My Recovery
I gained the 4 lbs I lost last month.  I still have almost 30 lbs still to lose. (OK according to my weight on March 10 I have exactly 30 lb to lose.)  My knee is still stiff a lot and not getting a lot better. It's not awful but it's at the same level it's been at for awhile. My longest run has been 3 miles. My groin hurts more when I'm done running than my knee. I limp almost the entire following day.  I'm still going to PT once a week for my knee.   I'm so tired!  I hurt my thumb this month and it hurt every time I had to live Miles up. I dropped a chair on my foot and that hurt (and still hurts).
If you want to compare this to when Ella was 6 months you, you can. It will make you realize I have a ton of weight to lose and that Ella nursed for half the time that Miles does! Also she slept 13.6 hours a day and he does 13.5 and he's on Benadryl a lot. At least he has fewer diapers.
Again I think I'm forgetting a lot.

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  1. I love his smiling face in the top left corner of the second to last collage. So cute! Can't believe he's 6 months already.