Sunday, April 23, 2017


Poly woke me up at 5:30 in the morning.  She was on me and then I tried to turn to get her off and she decided to jump off the opposite way and scratched my chest and neck all up. I tried to fall back to sleep until 6:30 and failed so then I got out of bed.   Everyone else slept until 8 am.

We stayed in our PJs all day. Ella and I made pancakes for breakfast.

Ella picked what she was having for lunch so she had mac n cheese.  I made broccoli quesadilla and Dave had leftover Greek food.  Ella was eating so well until Dave got out the ice cream he was eating for dessert and then she had to have some.

Ella did not nap. It was pretty awful. We tried for so long. She was in her room for a long time. I tried to go in and rock her and lie with her too. At one point she was yelling at her door and Dave just kept saying to go to sleep. Well I went in and she had peed. Then Dave said that Ella was yelling about peeing at one point and he ignored her. :(

We started cooking dinner around 5:30 and were done near 7. Then we tried to do bedtime right away with Ella. She was not having it.

Finally she seemed to settle down around 8 PM. I lounged in bed on my computer after that. I was so so tired but once she was in her room, I started to get a second wind.

Dave doing his back exercises. Ella not helping.

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