Monday, April 10, 2017


Sleep is a joke anymore.  I was up until after midnight because I needed to do some things after all the kids were in bed.  Miles slept until almost 3:30 which was good. But as soon as I get him to sleep, Ella is out of her room saying Miles woke her up. I tried to lie with her to get her to fall asleep. That failed. I'd fall asleep and she wouldn't. One time I got woken up to her 2 toys clanging my lip and I got a fat lip. It was quite painful.  This was near 5:20.

I left and told her to just play or whatever. I needed to sleep.  Well I couldn't sleep because my lip hurt so bad. At 5:50 Miles woke up anyway. So then Ella was out of her room and we were all hanging out.  I got miles to sleep after 8 then was able to fall asleep myself. I kept getting woken up but slept almost an hour. I had to wake up to get ready to go then had to wake Miles up.

7:13 AM
I don't know how Ella just stayed in the kitchen the entire time I napped. She wanted milk at one point and Dave told her I was asleep and she just stayed in there while he chilled in bed reading on his phone. She's never that easy for me!
We had to wake up to get to school for a 10 AM parent teach conference.

That was over near 11 and I headed home.  They are working on things with Ella the same as we are at home. I mentioned how she's awful at sleeping.  We asked if she actually plays with other kids since we don't often see it in the quick drop off or pick-ups.  We hear she does. She has a better time playing with kids outside. Inside she gets more possessive and has more trouble sharing or taking turns.
I fed Miles when we got home but he wasn't ready to for sleep. We "watched" TV while I ate lunch. He played a bit on the floor. Then I nursed him and he went to sleep.

I was going to either sleep or clean while he slept but then I spent a lot of time digging through emails to find some data I was interested in.

He woke up and was fussy.

I put him on the bed really quickly and then noticed blood on the sheet. I inspected him to see that he scratched his leg so bad it bled.

 He did not want to nurse. I decided to warm a bottle. He was so happy and drank the small bottle. (He drank all but about a half oz.) i watched Criminal Minds while giving him the bottle.

He seemed like he wanted to nurse but then he didn't. He was jerking toward the crib. I asked if he wanted to go in. he continued to jerk toward the crib so I put him in and he seemed happy. He was quiet with maybe 5 seconds of crying.  I went to use my computer and ended up falling asleep. About an hour later I jolted awake remembering I had to get Ella. I still had plenty of time but it was enough to jolt me awake.

When I got to school, she said she didn't want me and Miles there. I asked what she wanted instead. She wanted to go to her friends house. HAHAHA.

Leaving school took awhile. Her friend left at the same time so then there were delayed. Aurelia had to go to the bathroom so then so did Ella.  Then leaving it was slow. Also Ella wanted treasures and wanted to give Aurelia one, too.  It took us about a half hour to get out of school.
We got home and did a few things and I put a frozen pizza in the oven. Dave ordered pizza while I put it in but I missed his messages. I told him I was putting one in then put my phone down. So then he brought home pizza too!    I fed Miles baby food carrots while Ella was snacking and while the pizza was in the oven. He loved it. He'd lean forward for the bites. He stole the spoon once. He took off his bib when we were done!

Miles had a few bottles all day. He's teething and is not a fan of nursing at the moment.

Miles would not let me put him down. I ate while holding him. I wanted more food but took that as a stopping point. I gave him a small bottle while I was eating so that he wouldn't have to nurse as long.  He nursed a bit and fell asleep. He woke up going to his crib. I put him down and left. He didn't cry at all and fell asleep. It took him about 20 min to fall asleep but he didn't cry.

Then I played with the race track with Ella until we started her bedtime routine at 9 PM.  Dave put her lamp in the closet because she was always turning it on and he wants her to sleep in the dark.  She told him that wasn't fair. I found that a bit funny.

I was so tired yet tried to do a few things on my computer. I edited 2 pics for a friend to take the wrinkles out of the backdrop. I wasted time on facebook because I was actually too tired to do anything else.

I was lying in bed and swear I was hearing a baby cry. It wasn't Miles! I tried to ask Dave but he didn't answer. I think it must have been on his game. I hope so or I'm really losing it.

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