Sunday, May 7, 2017


After my shower, I had my towel on my head. Ella wanted it. So I put it on her head.  As you can see she loved it.

We started getting ready for the Kids' Table meetup.
We got Ella's new chair out of the car.  She has to test it out immediately.

Lounging waiting for her friends.
We made icing while we waited.

We read a book about cookies before doing our cookies.

Ella and her friends.
Cookies were cooling. Moms thought on the stove was out of the way. They don't know how resourceful Ella is. She got a step stool.

Then it was time to put icing on the cookies and use sprinkles!

Yet again Ella got to the cookies that a mom "put up." --- hahaha

Then Ella just ate straight icing!

After we were doing with the meetup, I took measurements for a few moms to get started for the biggest loser competition we were having.  Ella wanted in on the measurements. (Later Arya also got measured too.) Kids are always watching what we are doing.

Meetup was over so ti was time for Ella to play with her doll.

Then we worked on painting onesies. I painted some and Ella painted some. Ella painted the S and the L for gifts for her friends.

 The inside of the L popped off on top. I was not happy about it.

 Ella also painted another shirt for herself.

We went to the park!

 Here are some collages I made with the icing making and then the cookie making.

 Ella's finished S shirt for Sofi.

Ella wanted to sleep on the floor!


  1. Ella is so cute in her apron. She looks so much younger just one year ago.

    1. Thanks

      I also can't get over how much she has changed.