Friday, May 12, 2017


Ella's preschool had a field trip to Happy Hollow. We had to meet at 9:30 (I think) but I had to drive Dave to work first. This meant we were in the car about an hour before getting there.  I didn't think things through and didn't have a stroller. She hates strollers when she has to get up and down or when she could run around but I forgot about the stroller peer pressure. She did well though. I already shared a video from the day.  I also shared a few pictures of Ella with her doll.

getting ready

meeting her classmates

 This is how we hold hands to walk to rides.
Here we are riding the Dragon. It's like a train. Ella loved it.  Her friends loved it. We rode it many times.

Ella with Teacher Mindy.

Ella and Gavin practically hung out the entire day together.

We met Ella's class for lunch.

 What is wrong with me in my facial expressions!
Ella's friend has a baby brother. Ella loves him.

This is how we walked sometimes to get her to actually get to where we wanted to go.

We rode a roller coaster. Ella said she loved it but she sure looked scared. After I rode it I learned I shouldn't have because you shouldn't when pregnant.

 Here are some screen shots of the video I took during the roller coaster.

 This is a ride where you pedal and it goes up in the air and also around a circle.

We had an eventful day then it was nap time on the way home.

We had a meetup at our house after nap time.
After 1 person showed up, Ella went inside to get a snack. Her snack was this FULL Costco box of fruit snacks.

Everyone painted Mother's Day Canvases. Ella painted a sign that said Ella since this was our 3rd Mother's Day meetup.

 The basin to wash hands is where Ella liked to play.

 It was a lot of effort to try to get a group picture.
 Ella didn't wear clothes to go pick up Dave from work.

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