Saturday, May 14, 2016


Ella loves her babies so much. She's always taking one with her. Sometimes she even takes 2. They have to be buckled in the car. She initially wanted a car seat but we talked her out of that since we didn't have one. They eat in her high chairs while she eats on a regular chair.
The top left picture of her in bed with a book is because each night after we read to Ella she reads to her babies.
She is so proud of her babies riding on her shoulders. She doesn't realize they need more core strength!
A friend asked for a collage of the best doll pictures. That's impossible so I made her a collage of the previous 1.5 days.
Ella tucked her doll in a laundry basket and covered it up.  Then not minutes later in my pinterest feed there was an actual baby sleeping in a laundry basket. I showed her and she kept saying she needed a blue laundry basket like in the picture.
Ella was at a friends and after she went potty she said her doll had to go too.
Then I made another collage of the few days before that.
In the top right picture she is feeding her baby a toy egg on a plate.   She will sit and sing to her babies too.  I showed Ella the wind chime so then she had to show her baby.

I still can't believe I let her push a cart around the Dollar Tree.
I tried really hard to be selective and think I only made it back 8 days even with including a ton of pictures.
I asked Ella if she wanted to go for a walk with her stroller. She got so excited. But she was confused and thought she got to take her doll for a walk instead of me taking her for a walk. :( (Bottom row picture)
Then the next day we went to Happy Hollow so I made another collage.   Not only did Ella have her baby at Happy Hollow but she had her little purse with a brush, sunglasses, and phone in it.

There are still so many things I did not capture of Ella with her dolls. For the main part she likes her newest doll the best. But she also likes one she got back in October. They both can't wear clothes. She calls them Baby Timmy. She has some other dolls she does sleep with or uses in a pinch but she has her favorites.


  1. This is just so adorable. She's going to love having a real baby around!

    1. I should do do a post of her interacting with real babies but I'm not sure how all the other parents would feel. But she LOVES them. She hugs them. Sometimes a little too hard. She touches their "little feet" and "little hands" and just loves them so hard.