Thursday, May 4, 2017


It was Ella's first day of Monday preschool. I had to wake her up. She woke up in the night and was sleeping in our bed and I still had to wake her up. I tried a few times and she kept going back to sleep. She's so tired because she won't go to sleep at night.

I dropped her off, then dropped Dave off. Then I went to my Monday run but this time without Ella.  It was much easier to run without a stroller.  We went so fast though. Other people seem to pace fast!
I hung out at the park a little and talked with my running buddies. It was relaxing to not have to worry about Ella.

Then I hurried home and cleaned. I cleaned and complained about cleaning and cleaned some more.  I had to pre-clean for the cleaners.  I barely stayed ahead of them. I would have cleaned more in the kitchen before they got to me. It was close though.  I only had a very short break to eat some lunch. I was still hungry but knew I had to get back to cleaning.

Then I finally got to sit for all of 15 minutes.  Once they left, I went to the grocery store. I had to double check some things we had or didn't have from my list.  I hurried at the store, I got home and got everything put away just in enough time to leave the house to go to a planning meeting.

Three of us met at Cuesta Park to talk about carnival planning and prep.

We met at 4:30 but started actually planning a few minutes late.  At 5:35 I happened to look at my clock and then rushed out of there to go get Ella. I wanted to leave at 5:25 so it wasn't so bad.
Then Dave wasn't ready so Ella and I drove to our old house and dropped off keys. Then we went to the park for 10 minutes. Then we got Dave.
We had leftover pizza for dinner. Dave put it all in the oven even though for all the years he's known me I eat cold pizza and not heated in the oven.  Ella even asked for it cold.  Then nobody liked it. It got all ruined in the oven :(  I had some for lunch and it was fine. :(

So I mixed some salsa and cheeze whiz and heated it and we had that on tortilla chips. Not the healthiest dinner but sure was tasty.
It was time for bedtime routine by the time we ate.  I don't even know how kids go to sleep before 8 and have time for dinner. Also how do kids go to sleep that early. Sigh.

It was about 10:30 when all was said and done and we tucked Ella into bed. She was actually good and stayed in her room without a gate.

Then I was using my laptop typing up carnival notes and doing research/planning. I almost fell asleep at the computer and decided to actually close it for once instead of wake up at 3 am to an open laptop on me!  

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