Thursday, June 29, 2017

Baby Sprinkle (8.21.16)

Some moms from the mom group threw me a baby sprinkle. It was a joint sprinkle with me and another mom who was due about a month later.  It was quite close to my due date.  The weekend after was even suggested but I said that was too close. If Miles was as early as Ella, then I'd already have had a baby at my sprinkle.

I made Dave go. So then I got to talk to some moms while he pushed Ella in the swing. I wore a dress so that I looked nice. But this meant I didn't carry around my phone. I swear someone took my picture, but even though I asked all the moms to send me pictures, I didn't get any of me.
Since we shared our baby's names, they made specific banners for them. I loved it.
I know the sprinkle was for me but I tend to make onesies for other sprinkles and I didn't want Tobe to miss out just because her sprinkle was with mine.  So I made 2 I am loved onesies for everyone to sign.  I was making Quentin a onesie with a Q on it and after realized I had the same onesie made for Miles so I asked the hosts if they wanted to display Miles's too since I thought they looked pretty good together.
These are the extent of the pictures. It seems more like play date pictures not baby sprinkle pictures.  The downfall of not taking pictures. I'm usually the one who takes a ton but then I'm not in them.  

This picture shows Tobe (I think) in the black dress in the background. That's the only picture I have of her. I wonder if she even has any.  If we were good, we should have stood together and had someone take our picture. Oh well.  

Overall it was a nice couple hours. Nicer than a normal play date because I made Dave go so I actually got to talk to people. Usually I only get to talk to whoever is beside me when I push Ella on the swing.  So many moms are having baby #2 that there are a lot of baby sprinkles happening. It has to be so much work for the few that seem to be throwing most of them.   Most of the baby sprinkles had decorating onesies but this one did not.  Beth and Gio came to this one and you can see them in a picture above at the swings but I didn't even get a picture with Beth or anything. If I remember correctly Gio threw up so then they left early. Ella had to go to the bathroom and Dave took her to the travel potty at the car for quite some time. I thought it was insanely long to just be going potty but then learned they went to the other playground a little too.


  1. I'm glad you got a sprinkle. I think every baby should be celebrated! It looks like a nice time. I can't believe no pictures of you though! Sad.

    1. I got 2 sprinkles :) (This one from one mom group and another one that some other moms through from another mom group! )