Saturday, June 3, 2017


The night wasn't so bad. Miles was awake near 5 but then had a little issue going back to sleep.  But then magic happened and he slept until near 9. Ella was up at 8 but still I got some sleep!

I spent most of the morning getting ready. But I got to sleep until 8 so there wasn't that much.  We left a little before 10 to head to the park for our meetup.  It was our Friendsgiving Potluck and Holiday Photos meetup. It was rescheduled twice due to rain and the RSVPs went way way way way down with all the changes.  Instead of 35 people we had ~10. I feel like it was so much work and prep for so little. Just getting table cloths on the table was difficult baby wearing. It was hard to just bend over to get the tape under neath. We weren't ready by 10:30 when it started. And by we, I mean I wasn't since with all the cancellations the set-up crew was not coming.  Ella was pretty good during set up but still having to keep an eye on her and wear Miles just slows the process.

Some people showed up so then Angie helped me make my last trip to the car.

We got some nice photos. Ella got to swing a lot which is what she wanted.  I managed to nurse Miles while baby wearing and pushing Ella in the swing. It helped that he wasn't in the newborn insert. I needed to use my hand to give him head support without the newborn insert but then he was able to get low enough to actually nurse. Also then he didn't get overheated. Well it was also cold out.

It took awhile for us to leave. Carrying everything to the car was trouble too. Ella stopped to pet a dog on the way to the car too. It was so hard to get her out of there. She didn't want to leave.  The cooler sure was heavy and most drinks were not used but the few waters that were used, I got compliments for actually having it cold.

I got McD's on the way home since Miles wasn't crying. Then he was crying and that wasn't fun.  Once we got home, I got him to sleep and he took a nice long nap. It helped that for the 3 hours we were out he only napped 5 min on me.

Ella took a long nap too.

Dinner was scrounging a bit and late and Miles wanted to get to sleep. I didn't finish dinner but forgot about this so then at 10:30 when I was hungry, I ate cookies.

After getting Miles to sleep, Ella barged in to tell me she made a mess. This woke him up. Then i got him to sleep again and she woke him up.  Then after he was in his crib for a half hour or so he woke up. That's not a good trend.

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