Saturday, June 24, 2017


I mention all the time how my good camera really is so much better than my iPhone for taking pictures. The iPhone is great and all but still not perfect.

This morning I took some pictures of Miles with my phone then got my good camera. The lighting was the same. The pictures when google made the collage cropped a little. I was in roughly the same position but I did get on the ground further with the good camera since the pictures were so good. I think I even zoomed my phone a little.   I didn't even have my best lens on my Canon Rebel T6i.

I need to remember to take pictures with my good camera more. I rarely do anymore. I did so much more when Ella was little.
Photos taken June 24, 2017
Have you ever used 2 cameras in the same instance and seen the difference? 


  1. Wow! I'm usually happy with my iphone pictures but I'm lousy with my good camera and mostly use it on auto.

    1. I feel like in super bright lighting the iphone takes great pictures. Or if there is a group of 15 kids in not perfect lighting the phone takes better pictures. But as you can see the light is coming from the side. With the phone you can tape the dark area to brighten it up but when I did that, it made it worse this time. The good camera just seemed like magic. I have it set to take pictures slightly brighter. The other day that made pictures TOO bright because sometimes I forget to actually change the settings to the atmosphere. But I also take pictures on auto a lot. The T6i on auto takes much better pictures than the T1i I used to have.