Wednesday, July 19, 2017


Poly slept with me. When I got up I ended up putting the covers over her.  I slept with 2 afghans + covers because the fan that is in there for Dave ends up making a wind tunnel or something and I cannot get away from it. Dave loves it. I'm not a fan.

We played in the family room. Then we went up to bed. I put Miles on the floor to chill instead of holding him.

 Well I discovered Miles actually sleeping on his stomach for the first time.

My mom went out with Timmy so the rest of us hung out. We went to Texas Roadhouse.  The booster that was like a high chair worked well. Miles liked to be part of us instead of tacked on at the end.

Miles loved all the food. I never knew he could like pork so much. He also liked mushrooms so my dad shared the mushrooms from his food.  He had some roll too.  He liked the broccoli Ella got. 

 Dave gave me my Mother's Day gift. He gave me a book from Ella to write down Ella quotes in it. That was a gift form Ella. Dave said Ella told him something to get me but he didn't get that. Then Dave got me 23andme as a gift.  (A month later and I still didn't do it yet!)
My mom came downstairs as Ella was making some Mother's Day cards so then she just gave them early instead of waiting.  My mom enjoyed them. (I took some pictures but not posting them since my mom doesn't like pictures.)

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