Exercise is a big part of my lifestyle.  Ever since I had knee surgery, I have been addicted to the gym. I love the data from it, but also love how it makes me feel.

In May 2010, I was Member of the Month at the gym.  Below is what was in the May 2010 Issue of Fitnews.
Colleen has been with Westinghouse for a little over four years and works in the Continuous Improvement Systems Group. The great feeling she gets while exercising is what continually motivates her to keep exercising. She enjoys picture‐taking, scrap booking, making greeting cards, and watching TV. Thanks for being such a role model, Colleen! Keep it up!
I have run quite a few races. Each race motivates me to want to run more races. I have written tips for running, but still need to work on my own form.
I intend to workout 6 days a week even though this does not always happen. I don't exercise for the calorie burn. I feel like if that was the only reason I did it, I would have only lasted two months of using the gym instead of being a member for years and still going regularly.

Running is not the only form of exercise that I do. I continuously go to Body Pump classes.  I use an exercise bike a few times a week at home throughout the winter.  I try to attend yoga at least once a week if not twice a week. If time permits, I go to Body Combat, spinning, and chiseled core. I have been mistaken as trainers in the gym a few times. The cleaning staff even though I worked there. I was there so much and often helping people, that they just assumed I worked there.

I think exercise has helped me in numerous ways.  I have not gained a lot of weight over the recent years. I haven't had any major joint problems or issues with my body.  I used to have plantar fasciitis that bothered my feet all the time, but now I don't even  notice it. Consistently working out helps. I have made friends who also like to work out and we motivate each other. It helps relieve stress... a lot. Being able to train helps with discipline in other areas of my life. My cholesterol is no longer high and it was high since I was seven years old.  I feel that my exercising has also helped others; I have motivated other people to become healthier by exercising.

If you make exercise part of your routine, then you have time for it. You just watch less TV or waste less time on the computer. I have been able to incorporate five hours a week into working out.  Some days, I might only workout for 30 minutes and other days I work out for an hour and a half.  I had to get into the mentality that a short workout was better than no workout at all.

Make exercise a part of your life.

(Some photos of me working out)