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I didn't update my old graphs but my scale keeps documenting my weight.  You can see where the 2 pregnancies were!

Monthly Weight - updated May 16, 2015
It's funny. Everyone thought how much healthier we'd be in CA but without a job, I was less healthy even though I worked out more so I gained a lot of weight.

Since there are so many years on the Monthly graph, I decided to do one with the years when I was in CA. The pregnancy weight took a lot longer to come off than it did to go on.
Weekly Weight - updated May 16, 2015
The graph is a bit interesting because of pregnancy. 
Daily Weight Readings
Below is the same data as above but all the vertical lines aren't labeled. I was trying to make the graph better (ok Dave was) but I never finished. It was looking prettier but I can't seem to fix the line thickness or colors. I will have the legend separately later but for now you can look at the graph above to see what each vertical line is for.

    min         max     difference
2003 123.8 133 12.2
2004 118.4 128.6 10.2
2005 115 124 9
2006 116 125 9
2007 119.6 127.6 8
2008 123.4 133 9.6
2009 124.4 133 8.6
2010 124.2 132.8 8.6
2011 124.6 136.2 11.6
2012 122.6 139.2 16.6
2013 129.3 177.4 48.1
2014 125 157.3 32.3
2015 122.8 134.7 11.9
Updated 5/16/15

A new addition is the ranges I have had of my weight each year. The min and max are anywhere within the year. The difference is fun to look at.
 A few graphs just for specific years. I used to only put the current year on here but since the last update was mid 2013, I'll include 3.

Here's a way to track my weight gain due to marriage (but I didn't weigh myself on my wedding day. I wanted to take a scale so I could but i didn't. I regret it. I will never know my exact weight on my wedding day. I had to go by the 2 days before weight.

I got a BodyMedia Fit and put together some data about calorie burn on my blog.
Average Calories I burned each week since I got a gowear fit (Summer 2010 and Summer 2011, I didn't wear my armband in public with short sleeves and had to use edit off body so that data is probably low.)
Here is a monthly average of the physical activity. It is easier to look at to get a rough idea. Note that in the summer summer, I went a lot of days without wearing the armband to work and I did not edit all the off-body data that I could have, so it is low.
My graphs are a bit excessive. If I admit that, I know it's bad. BodyMedia Fit gives you 28 days worth of data at a time. Here are some examples of what you get directly from the software.

Some of the really low step days are days I didn't wear the armband for part of the day. I have not tried to alter that data, but I do try to wear clothes that do allow for my armband to be worn.

You also get personal bests. As you can see, I wear my armband more than the recommended 23 hours a lot. Also when you change time zones you get more than 24 hours in a day.
(More graphs to be added soon. Better descriptions too.)

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