Wednesday, April 30, 2003


i'm dead. yup i am. i never knew a smoothie was so good. so good being that it's the only thing i can swallow. i ate a bowl of cereal today. that is more food than i had all day yesterday. standing waiting in line for a smootie i got all lightheaded again. it was too much standing for me. then after we went and sat on a hill for a little bit. we came back to dorm i took medicine. i think my head forgot to come back. i visited gravester on my way to my second home. we all talked in there. that was a little too much for my body to handle today. pb's doing work like a good little boy right now. he has a lot to do today because he has been taking care of me.

yesterday after his class and after we picked up his psych test, we went to sit on a hill behind the library. it was a nice hill. we ended up lying on the hill for a goodwhile. i got some dirt on my knee and grass imprints on my legs. my chem book made a good pillow.

this morning i had a not so pleasant wake-up call from my dad. he never calls on the phone, so i was quite surprised. someone changed some policy somewhere so i had to write a letter to say that my dad coudl handle things. stupid junk. never going to doctors for anythign ever again.

when i went to mail that letter, i checked my mail. i got a postcard from a friend from home. it made me laugh and feel a lot better. the funny thing was that she wanted to cheer me up when i was sad last week but she cheered me up from being sick for a few seconds. gotta love jess frick! i miss her. i'm so glad she will be home this summer.

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  1. anonymous (LiveJournal)April 30, 2003 at 3:42 AM

    i want to be taken care of!