Thursday, April 17, 2003

Not too many things on my to do list got done last night. That means I have a whole lot more to do tonight.
At breakfast I thought of something to write about and now I totally forget. I love my memory. It helps me os much in psych.
I fell asleep doing physics last night. But it's the physics due Tuesday night so I'm ok. Physics is my favorite class. Too bad I didn't realize this earlier in the semester. If I did, I could have had something to look foreward to. Right now I'm doing such a good job paying attention to the psych lecture.
Today when the alarm went off, I didn't want to wake up. PB has an IEA test tomorrow morning. I think I should wake up early with him so I can train myself for the going to be early part at Kates. Plus then I might get some work done. Tomorrow is Good Friday and we have class. It's also my mom's birthday. Well it's also Jessie M's, Angie M's, and John E's. Chase's was yesterday and today was my grandpap's. I remember those joys of going to my gram's so many times around Easter. Brithdays and two Easters. Sometimes my mom wouldn't like this because it would mess up her birthday.
"where teenagers go to makeout" ---that's what I heard when I decided to listen to the lecture. So back to writing now. Diff. eq. recitation is cancelled for today. I'm going to go to office hours for MAU though. I hope I can learn something. My lips are so dry. I should have chapstick with me... wait i do. *puts some on* I think there might be about five peo ple paying attention. That is odd. Maybe because it's still the beginning of class.
OOOO my mom imed me and it made me think of what I originally wanted to write about. Last night I got out a pair of jeans that fit at the beginning of the school year. I also got out the pair of jeans that fit now. There was quite a difference between the waists of both of them. Those old ones were like two and a half inches smaller...which makes it about five because they were folded in half. That's like impossible. Boy do i wish I was thin again. I would also be able to run better. I think that is why it's hard to run. I already gained the freshman 15. I stop at 15, because kids say they gained the freshman 15 when they gain five so it can be lied the other way too. I gained 13 first semester. I should really start to watch what I eat, but I won't. My dad gained 20 lbs a year up here. I will not be doing that.

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  1. rukkyg (LiveJournal)April 16, 2003 at 6:33 PM

    hooray for iea tests and non-existant diff eq rescitationsssfnststuff ---- cause i can speel