Tuesday, November 28, 2006

since i'm sick i didn't take these pictures soon enough and i didn't take the best poses. you can see some of the ornaments I made. Some blend in. i see 4 on each picture. 1 is the same ornament in both though. in the first one i know because i know where the one in a frame is but it is sideways so it just looks gold from the picture.
the tree top fell off the other night. it hasnt' made it back on yet. it was actually sitting on the floor in front of the tree just out of line of sight of the camera.

Tree from a bad angle because of the couch (note i broke all the rules in the book and used Silver AND gold as dominant colors.)

tree from a better angle but not the tree's best side
almost complete wreath (still needs 1 or 2 more s nowflakes and 2 or so more bells. i got tired and lazy)

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