Saturday, November 18, 2006


a little more than 1/3 of the tree is up. i think it was a bad idea to buy a tree about 1/3 the lenght of the living room and then halfway from one wall to the next. so about 1/6 of the living room. the tree cut me up a little. i'm waiting to put the rest on until i buy lights. i think it'll be easier to get around all the branches w/o the rest of it on. some things i like bout this tree bette rsome things i like about the old style better* i got the tree at pool city. i've lookedf at a few places and i wa annoyed w/ the trees that have long needles and the short ones on teh same tree. i dont get it how there are 2 types of tree on one fake tree. that makes it seem super fake to me.

* oldl style has colors for each row and you snap them in. this one has 3 parts and all the branches just fold up. but around the base how the branches "connect" makes them a little wobbley.

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