Friday, March 16, 2012


(Dave told me I looked fat in this outfit but maybe it's the 6 lbs I gained in 10 days.)
Earlier in the week I thought they wouldn't be bad but as the week went on, my calendar got booked solid. I don't know how it happened but meetings all day mean I can't get real work done.

I ate lunch at my desk and worked. That was the only spare time I had. I only had time during lunch because I skipped a meeting. The meeting I skipped was the only optional meeting and the only fun meeting. Ahh well.

Then at 4:30 I was finally done with meetings and Jen came over to visit. We talked for almost an hour. It makes up for us never having lunch anymore.
I was going to go to the gym after work and then go to PiYo at the other gym.  Well I didn't go to the gym and just went to 5 Guys on the way home.  Then Dave tricked me knowing my addiction for Dexter and then I missed going to PiYo too.  Then I don't even get to watch Dexter until midnight. He even wanted to stop after 1 episode which was just shortly after the class at the gym started.

We did watch 3 episodes of Dexter. I want to watch more. Between each episode Dave wastes many minutes just telling me we aren't watching more. He just tortures me and wastes time then wonders why 3 episodes take up so much time.

After watching Rachel, Dave went up to bed. I decided to watch Biggest Loser. I was falling asleep near the end of it but still watched Cougar Town when that was over.  Then I watched the rest of Unforgettable that I had started a few days earlier. Well now I was getting awake so I watched One Tree Hill and then 90210 after that. I finally went up to bed at 1:45 AM.

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