Friday, March 2, 2012

7.5 mile run (3.2.12)

Jen and I met at North Park to run today.  The plan was 8 miles.  This was my first run or workout since Sunday. I got sick and did absolutely nothing. (I did so much of nothing I had 996 total steps Wednesday and 1350 on Thursday.)

Jen and I did intervals the entire time.   We decided to run 4 miles and turn around and run 4 back so we couldn't cut it short or stop at 5.  My knee was bothering me on the way out.  On the way back it was really bothering me.  With each walk interval the first few steps were worse than the previous first steps of the run.

In the 7th mile, I was starting to run with a limp.  The pain got pretty bad. I thought I could suck it up. I mean back in the day I might have quit 2 miles in when it started to hurt but a few miles isn't much at all.  But when I started to run with a limp, I decided I should take the short cut road and make it 7.5 miles. (Jen didn't take the shortcut road so she'd get her full 8 miles in.)

The last half mile I ran the entire way instead of doing intervals. Running continuously felt better than going from walking to running. I also had a desire to finish it sooner so that I wouldn't have to run on it anymore.  Once I stopped at the end, my knee hurt even worse.
A picture after our run with the camera balanced on the car.
After I ran, I set the timer on my camera to try to get a picture of me running.
I took a picture of Jen coming in.
Jen took off her long sleeve shirt before our 4 mile turn around. I took mine off around mile 5.  I was in a tank top and it was 40 degrees. I think the real feel was a few degrees warmer by the end of the run. We were the only ones w/o long sleeves on.  Some people even had on hats and gloves.  I mean some people had on shorts + long sleeves.  Boy was I hot. I wished I was wearing shorts or at least capris.


  1. You still look like you are floating instead of running! Sorry I didnt have more time, I would have taken some pictures of you! Guess we probably could have fit that in anyways... Next time! Remind me.

  2. I would have asked you after but I was limping around and couldn't even run w/o a limp so I didn't want awkward running photos taken.