Thursday, April 5, 2012

3.25 - Bowling

I started out my morning heading to the South Side to run. We started over 20 minutes late which put me behind schedule.  Also I was only going to run 6 but that changed to 8. I ended up being really behind and Ibrahim and I had to book it to get back to the car and head home.
I got home and didn't even get to look at my data.  I showered and was out the door. 
I wore my skinny jeans.  Since I would be wearing bowling shoes, I just wore flats.  Dave thought I looked like I was in high school with skinny jeans and flats.
It was off to Bowl for Kids' Sake. I got a 101 the first game. Then I got a 122. My fingers were hurting by the 3rd frame of the first game and just got worse.  As my fingers hurt more, I got worse. My last game was pitiful. I got a lot of gutter balls. I did have a split once and got a spare. I Impressed myself.  I ate there because I hadn't eaten at all yet. I ate close to 2pm.

Dave was miserable.  He quit in the middle of the 3rd game.
After bowling we headed to Monroeville for Casual Male XL to find some pants and to use some coupons.  We were fairly quick. Then it was off to Johnny Carino's.  I barely ate anything. I barely finished my bowl of soup.  Boy was I disappointed that I ate just a few hours earlier.   Then we went to Sam's Club with my parents since they have a membership. We got lots of stuff. We spent $196!

After shopping we drove home. My parents also drove up to visit Poly and give her a present.  The present was that bag type thing that secures a cat instead of a cage. They can travel in it in the car. She didn't seem to like it.  She doesn't like a cage either though.  I think she'll like it better than how we normally transport her, but she definitely did not like it while sitting at home.

After my parents left, it was time for another dinner.  I probably watched TV after and blogged. It was a long and busy weekend. It was exhausting.


  1. I had one of those bag things for my cat. She didn't like it but wow the look on Poly's face is priceless! She's so cute. My cat never really whined. She just sat there because she's so lazy. I ended up giving it to a friend whose cat won't let her put him in a cage. Hopefully the bag works better for her!

    1. I have to meet your cat sometime. You have described her as lazy so often.

      How did she like the cat food?

    2. She loved the cat food. I don't give her canned food very often, but she gobbled it down really fast and seemed pretty happy. I was tempted to take a video just to show you. And you'll have to meet her sometime, definitely!

  2. Oh man: bowling.

    (All I ever want to do is fling the ball as hard as I can down the lane, but that is not how you win, so I am the worst at it. Sucks that it's shameful for adults to use those blue inflatable bumper things, because I would.)

    1. Nowadays the bumpers are fancy so they go up for one bowler and down when they are done. Back in the day, they kept them up for the rest of the bowlers so you got bumpers if you were there with a kid. I never used bumpers though. Wasn't allowed. I didn't do half bad since the last time I was bowling was 2 years ago at BFKS and before that was 2 years before that at the same event.

      I wish my fingers would fit better in those pre-drilled holes. I learned the other day my dad bowls with a 16 lb ball and he has since he was 12 (or maybe he said 14). Crazy.