Monday, March 26, 2012

5 Runs, 3/21-3/25

I got busy so instead of a separate post for each run here is 1 post for all runs during the week.  I didn't run Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday because I was sore and busy.

Wednesday, I ran with Dave. It wasn't much of a run for me but progress for him. We ran the straight aways and walked the curves. I couldn't even get a good iphone picture because he was moving too fast.

Thursday, I was too busy to workout.

Friday, I met Jen after work to run a short 2.5 miles. We didn't run our normal run for a variety of reasons but one was the heat and the second was I was meeting Dave after to walk to loop with him.  It was so hot when we ran. We were dying. I couldn't believe how awful the sun was. We went at the worst time of day or something.
As soon as we were done running, I started my run with Dave. We were on our way but he was still sore from our run Wednesday so wasn't wasn't so fun for him. Walking weird because of his hamstring ended up making his back hurt.  At 1.75 miles when he started complaining I said we should turn around.  He said no.  Then around 2.33 miles we stopped walking and sat in the grass. There were no benches. We tried to find a bench but walked half a mile and there were none.  After we got up from the grass, he told me I should run to the car and come back and get him.  So that's what I did.  By this point it felt a lot cooler. It was just as hot but the sun wasn't beating down on me. The run was much easier by this point and I was even more tired.
I told Dave he sure knows how to pick a spot for me to have to run to the car. It was 2 miles one direction and 2.5 the other way. Or if I didn't cut off the one cutoff it was 2.5 in either direction.   My goal on my way back to the car after .5 was 2:20 for each quarter mile or 9:20 pace. I beat that.
Dave's stats
Saturday, I ran with Jen (a different Jen than Thursday).  It was Jen's 2nd time running in 15 years.  Her first time running was in July at 5pm when it was 85 degrees.  She said this time was a lot easier.  We walked the last lap which made our time a lot slower. We walked our entire 8th lap too I think.  She said I could go do a lap without her but I knew I ran a lot the day before and was running the next day so I didn't do it. Plus then I said she wouldn't have data from the run.

Dave walked while we ran.  Dave said he came up with a new way to walk faster and he wasn't kidding. I have no idea what he did before or what he does now but that's a pretty fast walking pace for him.
Sunday, I ran with Jen, Jen, Mandy, and Ibrahim.  We went to the Southside and did a trail down there.  We walked the first .25 then ran entirely until 3.5ish when we had to turn around. Then we did 4:1. At the next point when I had to turn around it was 6.75. Ibrahim and I turned around. We were both in a hurry. We only did 8 miles. Everyone else did more. Jen did the most with doing 10 miles. At first I forgot I was in a hurry. I thought I'd have plenty of time but I forgot that we started over 20 minutes late and that my plan was to run 6 miles instead of 8.  I made us get a group picture before we ran. The camera ended up tilted when I pushed the button so I'm partially cut off.  Sarah didn't go to run. Ibrahim said her foot is bothering her and commented she hurt it during my 50k. He was joking but she might have hurt it then!

At the end of the run Ibrahim and I had 2:03 and 2:06 splits. The one before that was a little longer because we got up a ramp and there was a fence. He decided to jump it but I went back around.  Even with speeding up, I still cut it entirely too close getting home and getting my shower before heading out.

The weather was perfect.  The trail was nice along the river too.  I didn't even mess up driving there.
That's a total of 16.48. Not bad for feeling like it was a rest week besides Sunday.


  1. I am curious about Dave's new secret walking technique, for I am a notoriously slow walker. Mechanically, it just sucks for me.

    Relatedly: go him. Wow.

    1. At first he said was you bend your leg. I said you always do. So then he said well you bend at the hip. But I don't get it. I tried real hard to walk different ways and couldn't figure it out. But apparently I walk really fast so maybe I already knew his trick.

      Yup go him. he got pants and some shirts that fit and everyone is commenting on his weight loss even though last week he was the same weight but with shirts 2 sizes too big and pants 6 inches too big. You should have seen how the pants would be hanging down between each belt loop. He'd try to tuck the extra 6 inches under the belt all around but it never worked.

    2. I forgot you are a fast walker. Everyone walks faster than me.

      I always wondered what people do about clothes when they're in the midst of a significant weight loss. I guess just deal with too-big clothes while you're in the intermediate stages. Or buy cheap crappy clothes for the intermediate stages and then get all your good stuff altered at the end. Oh heck if I know. I've never not been exactly this size. Well, not in my adult life, anyway.

    3. You walked faster than me at high elevation and just high stuff in general (sand dunes).

      I think they wear big clothes for awhile after they look awful they buy a little bit of clothes that fit but still wear the too big clothes. then wait it out until they can't handle too big clothes and then alter things or buy new. but they don't want to buy lots until the loss is complete. Some people losing think wearing clothes that are too big is good but it just makes you still look huge. I tried to teach my mom that and she finally learned and then she bought a bunch of stuff (like 2 years ago).

      I have pants in 3 sizes. I have the same brand, style, color in 2 sizes in 3 different pairs of pants. I fluctuate in the gut so then clothes don't fit. But that's just because I like clothes tighter or the bigger size would always fit. I get all confused with the sizing on my stuff. Yesterday the pants were too big and same with the day before. I started to think I got skinnier but today my pants are a little too tight.

      At work I walk so fast I get weird stares. People back up and move out of the way when I'm coming at them. People stop to let me go around them. Man if I was a slow walker I'd waste so much time walking over to building 1 for meetings. I make it over there in 6-8 minutes and other people tell me it's a 15 minute walk.

    4. Normally when I walk, I don't really move my thighs that much. When my quads were sore from running, I tried to run and it hurt a LOT. That made me realize that I wasn't using my quads to walk at all. So if you bend your legs more at the knee, it's kind of like a squat, putting weight on your quads to hold you up. By doing that, I walk about 20% faster and I can get up to 120-130 strides per minute (like the eliptical) rather than slow like 90-100. The speed is based on the GPS and the strides per minute is based on the music.