Thursday, June 28, 2012


We went to In N Out Burger for lunch.  I had Dave take my daily picture by the sign.  I mean after we were in the place and some guy walked around the restaurant to check me out I figured I might as well have people look at me while I try to get my picture taken.  I didn't fully take into effect all the cars at the red light that would have people in them staring at me.  (Note the parked cars on the right side there. That guy parked so close. I had to drive because there is no way Dave could get into the car. )
After that we went to the park right near our new apartment.  It felt a little weird since everyone was there with kids and were just like the creepy old people.  I wish the park had a track or loop to run around.
Dave wanted to go on paddle boats so we looked it up and went.  It was very weird. We were very confused when we got there.  We overheard someone making teams. We didn't know what was going on. It was funny because we heard them try to group people by where they were from. They asked if they were from the US or what region of Mexico they were from.  That was so weird.   Also it didn't work so they still were finding ways to make teams.

We got in the paddle boats which was VERY interesting. Then we couldn't paddle right.  Dave commented that we were going to wreck into another boat on the dock. Then we did.  Finally paddling worked and we got out of the dock area.   We realized only little kids were out on paddle boats like we were.  We wondered why.  Then we realized it was because of some competition going on with adults. The teams they were forming earlier was for some relay race.  They did paddle boat racing and then canoe racing.  It was interesting to watch.  When there was a break in that action, we headed back.  We were only out there 45 minutes.  We paid for an hour but we had had enough.   Getting out of the boat was even more interesting than getting into it because we had to tie it off or whatever it's called to get the boat on the dock.  Paddle boats aren't really meant for Dave.  He was too big. Also his shoes were too wide to even fit so I ended up doing all the paddling.   We did follow some geese around just like we were one of them. 
We were on our flight and we actually had seats next to each other.  Then the guy to my left moved seats.  He moved to another spot that had 2 empty seats together.  I moved over and had tons of extra room.  Dave said he had about the same amount of room. It sure was nice to have an entire seat to myself though.

So good thing we had all that extra room because it was so windy that all the planes had to take off from the same runway. So we were stuck on the tarmac for over an hour before we got to even take off.

That meant our flight was arriving at 1:30 instead of 12:30. Or maybe it was 2 instead of 1. I forget the exact details.   We were just so tired.
Then we got home after 2:30 am and got into the garage and couldn't get in the door to the laundry room. Apparently someone looking at the house had locked the door to the garage.  My keys were in the house because I didn't take extra keys.  Dave had his car keys but he never put his house key back on the key ring. We dug through the tool box. We didn't have a pin to break in.  It was a very interesting night. We got in. We were tricky.


  1. Paddle boating is tougher than it looks for sure. I went last year with Tanner and it takes a lot more effort just to steer and peddle than you would expect. Once you get going though it can be fun. We had a couple of fishing poles and fished while we were in our boat to pass the time.

    1. Once we got going the momentum did help. We also had the trouble of distributing the weight evenly. We decided it'd be better to have a friend my size sit in the other side to do the work with me and have Dave sit in the back. Dave's side kept taking in water since we were so uneven.

  2. Yeah Tanner and I are closer in weight distribution so that wasn't a problem. You are so little compared to Dave. I bet he could pick you up and throw you across the room if he wanted to haha.