Wednesday, July 18, 2012


We woke up and were just relaxing in bed. We were talking about how the packers were supposed to call the day before to tell us what time they were coming. Nobody ever called. I had nightmares that they wouldn't even show up.  Dave joked that they were probably on the porch right then.  A few minutes later I got up to walk to my craft room and saw people on the porch! I hurried up and put on a hoodie and went and answered the door. The packers were there. There were two, a male and a female, and they did a little tour of the house to see what was going and what wasn't.

Just as they were showing up, my parents were showing up.  Originally we were told not to pack anything up at all. We were told that even if something is in our own box they will repack it.   We discussed this with the packers later and they said they just list things as owner packed boxes.  We had a ton of things thrown in boxes and hidden in the basement but not packed for real. (Later we would learn that we should have just taken it all out of our boxes to be properly packed so things weren't damaged.)

The packers said it is an owner packed box but that nothing in the owner packed boxes is insured.  Nothing makes sense.  They made a big deal about the original TV boxes and original game system boxes and how they wouldn't pack anything in those. Well well well that meant we were packing that up and the TVs. I was riled up because if we would have known that, we could have done some things the day before.  The moving coordinator specifically warned us not to pack anything at all.  I hate the contradictions.
Since we had to pack up the stuff that goes in the original boxes, my mom helped with that.  She did all the gaming systems in the family room.  I got a box to put the cable box in.  We didn't want them accidentally packing that.  Poly got in the box so I had to wait to put the cable box in it.
I had to leave to go to the NVision lunch.  Dave could have gone but we didn't want to leave the packers there alone.  I was getting an award.  I asked if I was able to go even though I quit working and they said yes. I got there and talked a little to people but I had to leave immediately after to get lunch and get home for Dave. I wished I would have had more time to talk to everyone.  My manager went to see me get my award.

After the lunch someone asked the photographer if he was going to take a group photo and he said no. Well we decided to take one and I we used my camera.  I'm glad we have it.  That group photo even went in a newsletter at work. I guess the real photographer should have gotten it.  It's funny they didn't even ask my permission to use it or anything.
Poly was tired from all the commotion and all of her toys and places to go were being taken away so she napped on a chair. She did like to explore all the boxes.

At one point Dave went out to buy more luggage (even though he came home empty handed) and I mowed the lawn.  The mower had to be packed w/o gas in it and our lawn kind of needed to be mowed. I was just going to mow until the mower ran out of gas but I ended up doing the entire lawn. A little gas goes a long way.

Originally the packers said they'd be done early afternoon. Then later they said 5pm.  We had to pick up our rental car by 6.  I made dinner plans with coworkers for 6pm. Well around 4:45 they told us how they would go long and we needed to get the rental car before the place closed.  Dave was not happy about that.  Dinner was right by the rental car place to be convenient for us.  Well the later it got the later I was to MY OWN dinner.  Finally I suggested that I leave and Dave join us after they are done.  I thought of that the entire time but I didn't want to ditch Dave since he had already missed out on lunch.  I had texted everyone saying I'd be late so some knew to get there 20 min late or so. I ended up being over an hour late.  Boy was I mad.  Dave got there over 1.5 hours late.  At least I ordered his food so that was there.  His food actually arrived prior to him.   I was so upset to be late to my dinner.  I felt like even though everyone waited to order they ate and left because they already killed an hour sitting there before I arrived.   It was really nice getting to talk to some people again.  I know I had a going away dinner previously but you can never have enough and some different people came this time.  I did send out the invites via email at the last minute and didn't have everyone's personal email addresses so I didn't even get everyone. Ten people were there total. I was surprised how many people made it out.

After dinner, 4 of us went for frozen yogurt. It was Dave's idea and he said who to ask.  He doesn't like huge groups so I let it go with 4 of us. One of them said they felt special being invited to the after party. Ha. I never thought of it that way.

After we got home, we were exhausted.

Dave got rid of his car so now we just had the rental.  We knew the movers were showing up at 9am.  We knew we'd need to shower in the morning.  We had our bedding and towels but not much else going on.  We didn't have wireless since all that was packed up.  At least we had 3G on our phones.
I don't have any pictures of my first outfit.
My second outfit was for the NVision lunch.
My third outfit was for doing work around the house. 
Oh I guess I had another outfit - my lawn mowing outfit.

Shirt and shorts: F21, Shoes: Famous Footwear
Dress: Dress Barn, Cardigan: Kohl's, Necklace: Sears, Shoes: Famous Footwear

I wore the same dress as in the photo that would be on the powerpoint presentation. I did that on purpose to see if anyone would notice and a few did.

At one point I looked in the mirror. I was confused. Then I realized I forgot what my face looks like with makeup on. 

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