Sunday, July 8, 2012

6.15 - Goodbye House

Everything was "packed" according to the packers but so many things were just in boxes how we had them before for temporary storage. I did not like this. It stressed me out.
The movers showed up at 9am to start loading and we were told they'd be done early afternoon.
Poly wasn't a huge fan of them packing up our house. They kept taking away all her spots.
At one point I couldn't find Poly. I decided to look under the wrapped end table. Sure enough she was there.  Less than a minute later a mover came over with his dolly to pick up the table. I had to stop him and get Poly out. She would not have been happy to have her hiding place just picked up. Finally she discovered her last hiding place was remaining. It was on top of the cupboards above the fridge.

As the movers would finish a room, we'd vacuum it. They were really good at leaving 1 or 2 things in a room so rooms were never done. We also did some touch up paint jobs too.

The movers didn't leave until after 7:30 PM. Maybe that is early afternoon to them but certainly is not for us.  I felt like the 5 guys were quick the first 2 hours and then they worked in slow motion. I couldn't lug all that heavy stuff around all day so I understand slowing down but they got really slow.
We gave fridge and freezer food to our  neighbor so it all wouldn't go to waste. 

Shortly after 8pm we left our house. We closed the garage door and left. It was interesting that the garage door sensor didn't line up so Dave had to fix it for the door to close. It just felt odd leaving for good then still having to fix something to leave. 
After we left we headed toward the airport.  We stopped at Walmart to buy a duffle bag. Then we went to Pizza Hut and picked up food.  We didn't eat dinner until 10PM in the hotel.
The hotel was a big ordeal. The last time we flew, we stopped at the hotel to ask questions about cats and we were reassured they were a pet friendly hotel.  We tried to clarify about cats and were told yes but we weren't confident in that answer. Dave called and asked if they allowed cats and we were told yes.  Online the hotel says they are pet friendly.  Well we get there and we are told they do not allow cats. They would make an exception this one time. Apparently all the pet friendly notes are only referring to dogs and not cats.    After Dave dropped us off in the room, he went to go return the rental car.  That seemed to take a long time.  Poly explored a lot but found a good hiding spot and mainly stayed there. She was up against the window behind the curtain in the furthest corner from the opening.  

We didn't get to sleep until after midnight. 

It's amazing how that can just be the end of something. The end of our home. The end of living there. The end of being in the area.  It's just so weird.  It doesn't seem like it's your life that is changing but something temporary. Like you still think you will head back there after the vacation or something. 

It's the goodbye of an era. Time to see what the next one brings. 

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