Sunday, July 22, 2012


Outfit 1: to run in (Kohl's and TJ Max)
Outfit 2: most of the day and to walk in (American Eagle Outfitters, Express I think. I have too many black tank tops to remember which one this is)
Outfit 3: going out in the evening after it got chilly  (Loft, Gap)
Poly jumped in the drawer I left open then crawled behind it. I ended up removing the drawer for her to crawl out.

The light Poly is trying to get at on the ceiling is the reflection off my iPad.
Dave showed me the sign he had to wear at the TGIF party and all the new employees wore the hats.

We went to Outback for dinner. They have the calorie count right on the menu. I ended up ordering something that was 400 calories. Later I told my mom about this. She said I needed more calories. I then told her our appetizer (not pictured) was 1300 calories.

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