Monday, July 30, 2012


I woke up and knew I had to run right away if I was going to do it. I did it. Then I got home and showered. I was going to be more productive right away but Dave wasn't ready so we used our computers and I did a few other things too until we decided to head to the recycling center.  We got rid of the boxes that were sitting in our tub and we got rid of 3 boxes of paper plus the rest of the broken down boxes. It felt so much more spacious in here already.

We headed home then loaded up the car with more to go to Goodwill.  When we were getting everything out of the car, some lady asked if she could have the bar stool chair. Dave said 5 bucks so she said no then we gave it to her anyway. The guy at Goodwill recognizes us as asked us if we're done going through everything yet.   We went to Safeway to buy some pretzel crisps and bought a few other things. Dave wanted to go up and down every aisle. We already have too much food so I don't want to do that.
We went to In N Out on the way home. We got too much food. I didn't get a milkshake but still couldn't finish all my food.
We got back home and I thought we'd then load up the car with the TV box and the couple other things to go to storage but we didn't.  Dave started to try to get the cable card to work in the computer.  I even took a nap (for 2 hours) and woke up and he was still working.  He had so many problems.   At 9 PM, he finally stopped so we could eat dinner.  I blogged and such while he did this. I was still in half asleep mode.  I should have done other more productive things.
We watched Big Brother. We watched 2 episodes but are still an episode behind. Dave went to sleep after that and I got to blogging and making collages to knock some things off my to-do list.  I also looked for an applied for jobs at different points when I was at my computer.  That always takes up time and I break it up with reading a few blogs or writing a post before I get back to searching.  I found some old artwork I did in high school while cleaning a drawer.

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