Saturday, November 10, 2012

11.2 - Rock Climbing

I watched TV and played Solitaire in bed. Then after I got up I watched more TV.
I mailed my ballot.  I actually ran to a mailbox and incorporated that into my workout.
Then I watched more TV.

While getting dressed I banged my elbow off the dresser. It hurt so bad.Hours later it still hurt.
I went rock climbing for about 2 hours. But there was a lot of standing waiting to get my nerve back up.  The first thing I climbed, I made it to the top. My legs really shook from nerves.  Overall I climbed a few different ones labeled V0 but also didn't make it up a few too.    When we went into the main room I was climbing and got one move from the top and said it was too high and quit and climbed back down. I thought maybe it was the same height and it was all in my head that it was higher but then I was told it really was a few feet higher. It's funny how I could tell when I was up there.  Near the end I made us go to my purse so we could get my camera and take a few pictures. (Rock climbing was a huge thing for me because I'm so afraid of heights. I can barely stand on a ladder 1 step from the bottom.)
I got home and watched TV with Dave.


  1. Neat pictures, now watch the Sylvester Stallone movie Cliffhanger.

    1. I don't know that movie but some commercials even bother me with their heights so I bet it will be bad.