Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Week of Working Out (11.5-11.11)

Monday: Rest on purpose because I was still recovering from my long run on Sunday AND still recovering from rock climbing.

Tuesday: Rest (laziness)

Wednesday:  I set out to do 3 miles but just wasn't feeling it.  The run was pretty hard and my heart wasn't in it so I changed my 3 mile run to a 2 mile run.

Thursday: Rest

Friday:  I went to a different place and the run felt pretty good. I thought of going more but decided to keep it right around 3.

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: I went to run 9 miles with Hilary.  We accidentally ran too far before turning around. We also made the right turn but thought it was wrong so we doubled back then we realized that was right.  So we hit 10 miles instead of 9.  Overall we both felt so much better on this long run than the one a week prior. We ran better too.  The weather was a lot better but that wasn't the only reason this was better. We didn't start out way too fast so then we weren't dead.

We ran using Gallaway's method of run:walk with 4:1 intervals. At one point my app didn't work and we walked for 2 minutes without realizing. We then ran 4 minutes after that so our intervals were a little off. This was 1:25 into the run.  We skipped the last walk interval because I didn't want to end the 10 miles on a walk.
Thoughts:  I'm happy with my mileage but unhappy with the rest of my working out this week.  I had my highest weekly mileage since the last week of August.  And the second to last time was the first week of May.  Maybe I can keep this up but also keep up with lifting weights.

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