Thursday, May 2, 2013

4.11 Stampin' Up Class

Top: Express, Necklace: Charlotte Russe, Jeans: Express, Shoes: Adrenaline 12 
I spent most of my morning watching Damages. I should have been cleaning. I did manage to clean up enough.  I made peanut butter fudge too
From 6-9:30, I had a Stampin' Up class here. Before the class, I was setting up and Poly was all ready for the party.  We were doing so well but then the 2 cards where we embossed took forever.

After everyone left, I cleaned up a little and went to sleep early. I was sleeping by 11:30. I'm never asleep that early. I'm not used to wearing clothes so many hours in a day or socializing so long anymore. It was all exhausting.


  1. It's great you got to do some Stampin' Up! I know when you used to do them you always got pumped up.

    1. I do and 2 people that attended want to host a party. They just can't seem to find a date that will work so we haven't picked a date yet.