Saturday, May 4, 2013


Jacket: NY&Co, Shirt: Sam's Club, Skirt: Express, Sandals: Kohl's, Bracelet: Target, Necklace: Charlotte Russe
I woke up before 8. I kept going back to sleep because 8 is entirely too early for me.  Finally at 8, I woke up. I stayed in bed a bit. Then at 9, I went running. Dave was still sleeping. He only woke up 5 minutes before I got back.

I showered and got ready to leave.  We went to JCP for Dave to get some clothes. We spent forever shopping. We only shopped for Dave and only went to 1 store. He got new jeans, 2 shorts, 6 t-shirts, and 1 polo shirt.
Then we went to the Melt for lunch. I wasn't a huge fan. I can make things just as good or better at home. We went to Sprinkles after. I got 2 cupcakes and liked 1 a lot more than the other. Banana was really good. I'm not a huge fan of the vanilla with chocolate icing. Dave said his strawberry didn't taste like strawberries at all .

After we got home, we started watching Dexter. We watched for a few hours. I did laundry at the same time. Dave went and got Boudin's for dinner.  We watched more Dexter.  We took a quick break so Dave could play his video game but I Just wanted to keep watching straight through.


  1. Well, those cupcakes looked like boobs.

    1. They look more like boobs because of the things they put on top so you can tell them apart but really if you bought 4 kinds you'd have 4 different dot things so they are pointless. we did get 4 different kinds if I remember correctly.