Tuesday, May 28, 2013

5.7 - Santa Cruz

I had to wake up extra early because I had to get to the airport to pick up my parents. Their flight was to arrive at 8:40. When we woke up, Dave told me it was scheduled to arrive 40 minutes early. I thought that meant we had to hurry. I was ready in 5 minutes. 40 minutes later, Dave was still getting ready.

Traffic was bad to and from the airport. Rush hour sucks.

We hung out a little then around 11 headed to Santa Cruz. We at lunch. Then we went to a few spots to look at the views. Then we headed home.
We hung out and watched TV and talked. We went to Trader Joe's. Dave made Falafel pita things for dinner.
I'm pretty sure I was ready for bed before my parents. They had about 2 hours of sleep. Well my dad had 2 and my mom had more. I don't know how they were still awake.

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