Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Card Party

I had a Stampin' Up card class last week. We made 3 cards. 
This stamp set was Computer Quips and it retired in back in 2007. I've had it a long time. I refused to get rid of it. Nerdy stamps are hard to come by.
This stamp set is just as old. I've had it for so long and the last time i used it was August 2007. It is called Stay Tuned. When I made this card in 2007, I used a printed picture to have inside the TV but this time, I didn't have a printer hooked up so I just put the greeting in the TV set. The patterned paper is from Big Lots about 10 years ago.
During SAB, I ordered Swallowtail. It is my favorite set. I want to use it all the time. My customers are probably going to get sick of it. The butterfly is stamped in Rich Razzleberry even though it almost looks black in the picture. I should have had better lighting for these pictures. The pictures don't really do any of them justice.

There were only a few of us at this party so we were able to use an exacto knife and not take up all kinds of time waiting. Smaller parties are less stressful but almost as much time goes into planning a 10 person party as it does a 3 person party unless cutting supplies is very time consuming.

I guess it's time to start sending some cards instead of hoarding them all.

Which card is your favorite?


  1. The first one with the computer, definitely. So cute!

    1. I just realized I should have taken pictures of the insides of 2 of the cards. On the computer one there is a cat holding a computer mouse in it's mouth sitting on the inside of the card. On the butterfly one there is a little butterfly on the inside of the card. I keep thinking one is my favorite then I see another and like that one and think it's my favorite and so on. So I guess I just like all 3 a lot.

  2. I like the computer one too, because it is so dated and weird which I enjoy.

  3. I like the computer one too, because it is so dated and weird which I enjoy.

    1. You must have liked it so much you commented twice.

      So you vote I should make more cards with it and send them out to people. I can put any words on the "computer screen" or on a card in general.

      I like the TV one if I'm using pictures but without a picture it's just not as good. I made my dad hang his card up at work when I gave it to him 6 years ago so that others could see it. He had it at work in his cube until he moved buildings a few years later! Too bad I can't find pictures of it.