Saturday, June 29, 2013


Sometimes I think back about milestones in my life. I'm still a little shocked I quit working at Westinghouse to move to California. I was super stressed from working there but quitting in this economy was super stressful. Quitting while still owning a house so going from 2 incomes and 1 house payment a month to 2 payments and 1 income was just hard.  I didn't ask about telecommuting at all. I didn't think my position would really do that or didn't ask about transferring to the San Jose office. I briefly looked into it but the job was also really stressful so I just thought I'd be done with it.  But then as time went on and I applied to a ton of jobs and never got any offers I started to really regret how I left things.  Also a friend moved and did telecommuting for a year. That would have been nice. Too bad her position would work for that and mine would not.  I was way underpaid for what I was doing too (based on what other people's positions were doing my job not just based on the thought that I deserved more).

Now after not working a year, I still think about the decisions.  I probably wouldn't have done things differently. I still wish I could meet more people around here. If I had a job, I'd meet more people. That's a tough thing.  I don't seem to ever meet people besides at work.

Now that it's been a little over 6 months since we sold our house, money isn't as stressful. I'm still not randomly buying things like we used to and am really thinking about purchases. I realize I need much less than I thought. I also realize I still have too much junk.

Just thought I'd share my random thoughts about moving. I have other random thoughts going through my head at any given time.


  1. The move was a really big choice, and so was leaving Westinghouse.

    I still wonder when I'm going to have to make a big choice.

    1. I often think about how if you never make big choices you will just do the same old thing all the time. But sometimes doing the same isn't bad. It just depends.

    2. I sometimes feel like I'm doing the same thing.