Monday, September 23, 2013

DBC Phase 3

I meant to type this up sooner. I just wanted to relax after I finally finished phase 3.

Phase 3 started off with just getting thrown into Rails on the first day but it wasn't even so bad.  But then Tuesday was testing. It was broken down so it was easier and seemed fun. On Wednesday we had to do TDD and that wasn't as easy since we were writing tests that were for our own code before writing our code and we were also using Rails for the second time or so. After many hours of struggling we all had a lecture on testing. I'm not even sure how beneficial that was after such a draining day.

That TDD on Wednesday was the first day of a group project. The second day of the project I was out sick. I finally caught the stomach bug that was going around. That was a day we had to take another group's project and work on that and a different group took over our project. I did some learning at home but didn't work on the projects. I was back to class on Friday but still felt pretty miserable. From not eating for a day and a half, I was so lightheaded pretty much all the time. It's extremely difficult to code especially code something new when your head is foggy. I am actually impressed with how much I was able to accomplish.  My group also worked on the weekend on our projects. On Monday we presented our projects. Our group winged who was talking about what. I hate the winging. Someone just starts and keeps going and then talks about things I thought I'd talk about and then it stresses me out.  They weren't official presentations or anything so it didn't really matter.  I sort of forget what we did during that week on Tuesday and Wednesday. I think we did a few problems in Socrates to just practice or learn a few things.

Then on Thursday of week 2 the fun began. In the morning, we had pitches. Everyone voted. The top 4 pitches were chosen. We were put into teams and we began working. We worked hardcore. My group came in on Saturday to work but worked from home on Sunday. (I posted somewhere in the middle of our hardcore work.) We continued to work hardcore until late Thursday night. Friday we had presentations and we were still putting together our presentation on Friday morning. That stressed me out too. I had sent screen shots to be included Thursday  night. I suggested using a google presentation so we could edit it ourselves but my team didn't start one. Then I get in on Friday and learn I still have to put all my screen shots in a presentation that is in fact using google which was my suggestion of earlier. I would have much rather gone to bed with my slides set up. Well it was go time and I felt we didn't have enough screen shots.

Then we presented and didn't use everything anyway because we ran low on time since the first presenter out of the 3 of us took up 6 of our 10 minutes.

Once presentations were over we breathed a little sigh of relief. Then we had a presentation from KISSmetrics and ate lunch. Then we were told some stuff about LinkedIn profiles and how to update ours. We were given some time to update them but I didn't do that since I could barely say my words correctly by this point since I was so tired.

It was a very long day for me. I already posted about it once so I guess I didn't need to say some info above.

During the last week, I spent 2 nights at the hacker house so I didn't have to spend a really long time commuting. The first night I didn't get much work done since I was sort of stuck. The second night, I was up past 2 AM and stuck again and not accomplishing much. I ruled out a lot of ways to do the money though.

During the last week of Phase 3, my sleep duration was even less than it had been during DBC. Earlier I showed how I was at 6:46 on average a night for a month in DBC well the last week, I was at 6:16. That is not enough sleep for a non-pregnant me and it surely wasn't enough sleep while I was pregnant. I needed the weekend to recover and sleep more. Friday night I only slept about 8 hours. I wanted to sleep 14 or more but my body woke me up by 8 am.

If you want to see our app you can go to and you don't really  need to put in real email addresses or addresses but then you won't get to test out the email features for things.  You can view the code on github too.

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