Monday, September 9, 2013

Pregnancy Collages: August

I already posted July and prior to July.  It is fun to see the progress. Each day I think I'm more pregnant but looking at these I just look so similar. It also seems to be outfit dependent.  Each day I make it a point to take a side profile picture but a couple times I've failed. But a lot of time time I took a side profile picture but then I wasn't smiling at all. One of these days I'll remember to do 2 things.

The picture on 8/14 in the cami was taking at the end of the day and the picture in the Dev Bootcamp shirt was in the morning. What a difference.

On 8/23 I became 23 weeks pregnant.

On July 1, I weighed 133.3.
On July 13, I weighed 136.
On July 31, I weighed 138.
On August 1, I weighed 138.
On August 13, I weighed 139.6.
On August 31, I weighed 142.3. (Well and 142.4 and 142.1)

I wish I had time to update my actual weight graph.  In 2 weeks I will have time. I can't wait. I'll probably spend some time sleeping though.

I have gained less than "recommended" by this point but feel like I'm showing more. 


  1. You look stunning in the picture in the upper right hand corner of the bottom collage. The blue short sleeve shirt, where your hair is swept to the side. My favorite pictures of you are always the ones where you look genuinely happy and smiling. I think the black cami is another good one. All in all you look great, though!

    1. It's funny the 2 you picked are the 2 that weren't my daily one outside where i'm in a hurry to start biking and don't want to bike and don't want to be up in the morning. Most mornings I take 15 pictures or so and almost all or all of them I'm not even smiling. Or when I am I remember halfway through and it'd a forced smile. I just don't want to be up that early.

      The blue shirt one was in the morning but that was the morning I thought wow I looked pregnant and I liked that. I included my daily pic from that day but the one in the mirror is better so I put both.

      the black cami was the same day as Dev Bootcamp shirt but look how different the belly looks depending on shirt and time of day.

    2. Yeah it's definitely funny how different the belly can look depending on the time of day. I remember mine doing the same thing, especially in the beginning. Sometimes I'd feel huge and other times I'd feel like I was hardly even showing.