Friday, July 5, 2013

Pregnancy Collages (5-14wks)

This ranges from 5 weeks to 14 weeks pregnant.
I don't get dressed a lot of days so didn't have any pictures to choose from on those days.
Some aren't exactly side profile but most days I wasn't specifically trying.
Yes there were 4 pictures included on 6/30. I just liked the biking outfit and how much I showed.

On April 27 I weighed 136.7.  I got down to 129.3 on June 12. I weighed 131.7 on June 30. I weighed 133.5 on June 7 so my weight fluctuates a bit. (I weighed 136 on July 4)  I think the bump is slightly more impressive when you realize my weight. But granted I've lost like all my muscles so that's where the weight goes. I had to tighten my bodymedia fit armband because my muscles are smaller now.
The orange value is because I didn't have a value on Saturday. I lost 5.9 lbs if you use Friday's weight. I lost 5.4 lbs if you used Sunday's weight (cell not shown).
Well I just made a graph to show my weight since well I felt bad talking about it above without the data.  The trendline is a 15 day trendline. It'll be more fun with more data as the year goes on.

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