Friday, October 25, 2013

Outfits (September 1-15)

I know this is late.
September 1 (Jen's tank, my pre-maternity skirt)
September 2 (Jen's shirt, Asos jeans)
September 3 (Jen's shirt, Motherhood Maternity Jeans (I think))
September 4 (Amazon tank, Express pre-pregnancy cardigan, Motherhood Maternity Jeans)
September 5 (Target top, Motherhood Maternity Jeans)
All bootcut jeans are from Motherhood Maternity. I will quit mentioning that. I did get some Old Navy jeans on September 27 that I ordered on September 20.
September 6 (Target top)
September 7 (Target top)
September 9 (Express pre-pregnancy cardigan, Jen's Tank, Asos Jeans)
September 10 (Dev Bootcamp non-maternity top, Asos jeans)
I slept at the hacker house and only had a top packed. Normally wearing the same jeans and shoes 2 days in a row wouldn't be so obvious.  It was dark by the time I got home so I took my pic inside. Poly was jealous.
September 11 (Old Navy Top)
September 12 (Jen's top) - I forgot to take a pic of me in clothes!
September 13 (Old Navy Top, F21 pre-pregnancy skirt)
September 14 (Target top)
September 15 (Target tank, Express non-maternity cardigan)
I know this is late but I figured I made the collages so I should post them.  If you just look at the day to day evolution, it's hard to tell how much more pregnant I slowly got.

What outfit is your favorite?  All outfits with the red tank top are my favorite. My second favorite is the black tank + sapphire cardigan.  I also enjoy all outfits with skirts but probably because those are more rare.


  1. For some reason I really like the black tops on you. I don't know why.

    1. I think I like the black tank because it's more stretchy so it actually goes in below my chest and above my belly so it shows I actually have both.

      The other black one I feel like I look way less pregnant when I wear it so maybe it's slimming? but also it's hard to remember back so far and I probably actually looked less pregnant then too.