Monday, October 21, 2013

10.2 - Poly loves me

Poly loves me so much today. So much purring. So much cuddling. So much rubbing her face on mine but that one is killing my allergies.
These are not even half the pictures of her loving me throughout the day. She does this most days anymore. She never used to do it so much. I thinks he really just likes the baby in my belly versus liking me.


  1. So sweet. She missed you I guess! Love the baby shower album.

    1. These were all from before I left. I set up a scheduled post but screwed up picking a date. It was supposed to post while I was gone on the first day or so. But just wait I will have another post about how bad she missed us based on some pictures from yesterday.

  2. Cute blog.

    Waiting for you on mine , girl.