Saturday, October 19, 2013

30 Weeks (Oct 19)

Since I'm not home again, I don't have all my original files to make new collages that look right. You just have to scroll a lot now.

I got the pictures from my baby shower.

My cobalt jeans got a lot tighter this week. My Old Navy Jeans aren't the least bit too tight though.

Sometimes my belly will be exposed below a shirt and above pants while I'm lounging around and I don't even notice!  My belly does make a better shelf now for plates.

Dave keeps waking me up in the night because I breathe heavy or something. He says I breathe like Tony Soprano. Over the last few days he has woken up more times based on it. He wakes me up out of my nice sleep each time. I tell him I'm fine.

I was telling my brother things I'm discovering that are hard or just different to do with a belly and he said I tell him like that's news. He said he knew all that.  Bending over to get something that fell to the floor is difficult. It's worse while wearing 4 inch heels. I kind of miss seeing the tops of my pants. I can't sit and cross my legs and slouch to move my head over my plate when eating. I can't think of other things but I do know we mentioned more.  Oh I did complain I had to half lift up my belly to get my leg up to put on the emergency break in my dad's car.

Update: I forgot to mention that above my belly button is popping out so then it almost looks like a big belly button. I added a picture that shows this.

Size of baby: Large Cabbage, 15.7 inches long from head to heel. My app on my phone says the baby weighs about 3 pounds.

Total Weight Gain/Loss:  25.5 lb gain overall. I gained 4.6 in the past week. Those numbers shouldn't really be believed. I had to use a different scale. Last week I weighed myself after my shower.  I do think I gained 6 lbs so far since I've been at my parents. We eat so much. We also exercise so little.

Maternity Clothes:  Same as last week: Mostly. Some t-shirts and hoodies aren't maternity. I also sleep in my yoga pants that aren't maternity. I still wear some non maternity cami's because some maternity shirts are too see through and you can see that seams don't alone. I'm probably really stretching out those cami's

Gender: Girl!

Movement: Same as the last few weeks. I can feel movement. I can hear a heartbeat.

Sleep: This past week was different. The first few days were a little odd without Poly but then I got used to it. I have more room and turning over seems to be easier. Or maybe the mattress is better. Also Dave was in a different bed so I wasn't cramped for room. A few of the days, I had trouble sleeping in the middle of the night because it was so hot. Then finally it cooled off and I was better.  Then Dave started waking me up because of my breathing. The breathing weird or heavy doesn't wake me up but I dislike being disrupted by him talking to me. I've taken a few naps while I've been at my parents.  I finally started having dreams where I have a baby. Or well last night in my dreams, we had 2 babies.

What I miss: Exercising and running. Being able to easily bend over. 

Cravings: Nothing yet.

Aversions: Nothing really.

Symptoms: I can't really think of any this week besides swollen hands and maybe ankles. I forget if my ankles got swollen this week.

Best moment this week: Socializing with everyone I hadn't seen in awhile.

Looking forward to:  Getting home to see Poly. I miss Poly. She was cheating on me the other day and fell right to sleep on Hilary's lap.

Exercise:  I walked 1.1 miles with Dave in 21 minutes on the hills! I don't think I did anything else. 

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