Sunday, October 6, 2013

10.4 Poly likes me

Not only does Poly like me a lot more now but when I take pictures google not only makes animations of a bunch of pictures in a row but google created this collage!
I tok quite a few pictures but 3/4 of them had half of poly's face cut off. It's hard to properly aim a camera. Google really did pick the best 3 pictures. There were a couple pictures that showed Poly facing the other way.  She started on my left shoulder and started to get up. I thought she was ditching me but she was just repositioning to face the other way.

The one weird thing about the collage is the outside border is thicker than the inner borders. I thought it would at least be consistent with the borders that you can create when you use their picasa software. 


  1. I love Google animations. It's always a fun surprise when it does one for me haha.

    1. But I kind of know if I take 5 in a row it'll make one. One time someone took group pictures taht I was in and only took 4 in a row. I didn't know until after. Man did I really wish they took another so it would have made an animation. Every now and then the collages are a surprise. I really only know that they'll do my daily pic since I take more than 5 pics daily so I'm sure I have a good one. Some days I don't have a good one though. But the collage above was the first collage google made.

      I usually don't do anything with the gifs besides send a few people the link but maybe I should post them more on here. They are super cool after all.