Saturday, February 1, 2014

6 Weeks

1/30 Ella can look at a camera but I can't.
Ella is 6 weeks old.  I can't even believe it.  She started smiling then stopped for awhile. I guess she was trying to learn something new.

Lately she is less content in her carrier. She was not cooperative at Target and I had to carry her while pushing her stroller. She cried if I stopped to look at something.

I still don't know if she's cooing. I don't think so.  But if I google youtube videos some things labeled as cooing don't seem like cooing to me and Ella does make sounds like that. She will make some sounds like "ahh" or "ooh" and a few times she made sounds that sounded like 2 syllables.

Sometimes Ella cries in her sleep briefly when she's going to the bathroom.  Lately she is more unhappy with a dirty diaper.
1/30 An almost not blurry picture of her looking at the camera.
She started sleeping longer but sometimes she sleeps for less than 2 hours and is up again. I feel like she's looking around more than she was before.  She's also awake more during the day. She's been able to tolerate her monkey more. She's content chilling in her crib when she wakes up sometimes. She seems more unhappy with tummy time later in the evening. She seems to like it less and less in the morning though. She'll still lift up her head but whine the entire time.  Instead she wants to sit up and only be barely supported. She will fall asleep on most walks but wakes up when we get onto the porch each and every time (unless she woke up already going on the front walk).  She still stands while we hold her up but it's not for a long period of time. Her body gets heavy and her legs start to relax.

Since I've been making daily posts, I didn't fill this up with pictures.

At exactly 6 weeks, I still have exactly 15 more lbs to lose.

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