Sunday, May 18, 2014


 Dave and Ella played in bed a full hour before he went to sleep. Ella is just so cute.

I took pictures of Ella then showed her. She loved looking.
I finished the onesies I made for Emslee. I used to babysit for her mom and I did all day scrapbooking with her Grandma.  I still have to mail them though. (when I typed this I still had to mail them but by the time I added the pics to post this I mailed them and they received them.)  I can't believe how off center the E is on the onesie. I'm upset by this.
When I was eating lunch, my mom wanted to do a hangout to open her birthday present that I mailed.  I got her a Zelda gameboy game. It was hard to eat and hold an iPad to keep the hangout on Ella while she played.
I asked Ella if she wanted to type a birthday message to grandma. She typed on my phone. I got a picture. So cute.
 Ella fell asleep on my lap. I was about to get up but Poly decided to join us. It took Poly a few minutes to figure out how to get on me without stepping on Ella. I got cat hugs too.  Well then I got stuck there holding Poly.  Poly finally got sick of that and moved but still sat on the boppy and chair. So I spent the nap in the chair playing on my phone. Well I did realize my laptop was on the ground. I held it in my left arm and used it with my right for a bit. Then I was able to balance it a little on the boppy and use it. I got some albums made so now March is fully updated.
 Ella tries to practice sitting but kind of folds in half
 Ella and I were exercising.
I wanted Ella to roll but Poly kept getting in the way.
My  mom had made a comment about Ella and her football so then later when I changed her clothes it stuck in my mind so I put on one of Ella's Steeler onesies too.
Ella went to sleep at 7. Then woke up at 11. I should have woken her up at 8 so she would have gone to sleep and had a decent night's sleep.  I thought going to sleep at 7 was just a nap but it became too long and ruined her sleep. I need to not let this happen in the future.  A few nights earlier she was napping and I woke her at 7:30 or 8 and then she went to sleep a few hours later and it was nice for my nights sleep.

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