Wednesday, May 28, 2014


The day started horribly because the night was horrible. Then at 10 Dave was playing Civilization with coworkers so I couldn't even get a break.
We went to Costco and signed up around 3 PM.  (Note how Dave was taller than the backdrop for pictures. He bent his knees to become a lot shorter when she actually took the picture.) Ella didn't sleep at all.   She slept after we got home for a whopping 20 minutes.
Throughout the day, Ella continued to do this new thing. I would hold her standing on Dave's desk. But then she'd step and stand on Dave's hand over and over. I loved it. Dave not so much. She'd cause him to have mouse clicks and he didn't like that in his gaming.

I got Ella to sleep but then I did some dishes since I had to get the 13x9 washed and out of the sink. Well that woke her up. She slept 30 minutes but about 15 was on me because I didn't get up until I was done replying to some emails on my phone.
It took about a half hour to get her back to sleep. She wanted more food. I was OK with that because when she eats a lot at night she tends to sleep longer. (And it was true this time. She slept a full 8:50.)  I didn't get that much sleep because I ate dinner after she went to bed. We watched TV while I ate but then we finished the episode.  (I didn't get to sleep soundly either. Poly kept waking me up. She'd meow because my afghan wasn't where she wanted it to be. Or she'd walk on my chest and that hurt with all the milk in there.)

Dave thinks he closes drawers. I often find the kitchen like this after he was in there.
I'm glad few days are like this or at least after a month or even week I forget about the bad days. If this wasn't already typed up, I would have forgotten it was bad.


  1. Not closing drawers is SOOOO annoying! I cannot handle it. That picture is even bothering me.

    1. I know. Dave used to open the drawers on his pencil cup and tell me about it just to bother me. Dave leaves his sick drawer open an inch all the time. He claims he thinks he closes it. I am always closing them. He used to be good with drawers at home. I don't know how he fell apart.

    2. I don't even bother reminding Tanner anymore. I'm the silent drawer closer in our household. Sneaking around closing drawers and shutting cupboard doors all of the time. I'm also the laundry fairy.

    3. I tell Dave but not all the time. I want him to learn. He's mostly good except with our kitchen for some reason. The top row of drawers he leaves open 1 inch and says from his height they look closed. Crazy. They also are loud to close so maybe he's trying not to wake Ella.