Thursday, November 6, 2014


I didn't sleep well. My stomach hurt. I felt so awful. I barely wanted to move. I even lied on the bedroom floor when Ella was playing and Dave was getting ready.
We drove Dave to work so he could go to his training. I wanted to get gas on the way which meant leaving a little early. Dave was ready early but then wanted to eat breakfast so we couldn't go on our way. Then I forgot my wallet so I couldn't go on the way home. This is what happens when you are so sick and want to die and have trouble thinking.  Ella fell asleep in the car and I didn't want to deal with moving her or having her wake up and be fussy.
Dave ended up asking the bus driver to let him off at the next exit because he learned his mom had a heart attack.  I went to pick him up.  Well I had to get gas on the way. That sucked and added over 15 minutes because of awful rush hour traffic. Driving is the worst.

By the time I got to him, he thought he should do his training because he talked to the nurse.  So then we had to drive him an hour away.  BTW Ella woke up before we even made it to the gas station so she wasn't even sleeping through this.  We dropped Dave off and I have to drive home. I'm in my PJs and never even brushed my teeth or hair. We were so close to the beach but didn't go because we weren't prepared for it. That was kind of a bummer. I had nursed Ella a bit before we left to drive home. I saw she had a wet diaper. I didn't feel like changing it and even told her I'd probably regret that later. I did. She had a big mess by the time we got home because she added poop to that pee!

The day didn't even get any better. I'm pretty sure even more things went wrong.  Ella wasn't happy. Dave wasn't coming home. We couldn't do a hangout with him because he was in the middle of nowhere. I couldn't tire her out like I usually try because we couldn't go to the park because of how weak I was.  The night ended with her starting to get a cold.

She went to sleep but then 45 minutes later she woke up. Then she was up for 2 more hours.  It was just so much work.  It was a lot of work but then it felt like it was awful because I was also sick. I never got a break or a "sick day" so then I had trouble recovering.

Pictures below may or may not be in order.


  1. Oh I had no idea about Dave's mom! It's been a month but how is she doing?

    1. Less than a week ago she had 3 stents put in. All seems OK.